Achilles Tendon Injury

Achilles tendon injury is an injury that affects the tendons / tendons that connect the calf muscle to the heel. Achilles tendon is a strong fibrous cord.

If the Achilles tendon is too tight, it is very likely that the tendon is torn and eventually injured. Tendon tendon injuries can be very painful and sometimes cause difficulty walking.

If you experience an Achilles tendon injury, you may hear a sound from the foot. Followed by pain that is felt very much on the back of the ankle.

Achilles Tendon Injury Specialist Clinic

How common are Achilles tendon injuries?

According to our Achilles tendon injury specialist, Achilles tendon injury is common. These injuries generally affect men aged 40-50 years, especially athletes who participate in athletic activities after a long period of stopping training.The disease can be overcome by reducing risk factors.

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What are the signs and symptoms of an Achilles tendon injury?

The most common symptoms of Achilles tendon injury are:

  • Extraordinary pain in the lower leg muscles.
  • Pain when walking, especially when trying to walk with your feet.
  • Swelling of the calf.
  • Cannot tiptoe

Some other symptoms or signs may not be listed above. If you feel anxious about these symptoms, immediately consult your doctor.

When to go to the doctor for Achilles tendon Injury

Contact our Achilles tendon specialist clinic if you experience the following:

  • Pain and tingling in the legs.
  • Feel something is broken or torn in the heel, especially when you have difficulty walking afterwards.

What causes Achilles tendon injury?

According to our Achilles tendon injury specialist, the veins can tear, either partially or completely, when jumping or bending your legs too hard. Therefore, this condition often occurs when you exercise.

Falling from a height or having a certain accident, it can also cause torn Achilles veins. In addition, some drugs may increase the risk of Achilles tendon injury.

What are the treatment options for Achilles tendon injury?

Singapore Achilles tendon injury treatments. Tendons that are torn are sometimes treated using casts, but in most cases, surgery is an alternative. After achilles tendon surgery Singapore, casts are installed to stabilize the area.

If the tendon can heal on its own without surgery, the doctor may recommend using casts for 10 to 12 weeks.

Although the recovery period is slow and can last up to 6 months, a combination of exercise and physical therapy can help most patients recover faster.

What are the most common tests for Achilles tendon injury?

To diagnose achilles tendon injury, our achilles tendon specialist doctor will do:

Physical examination – the doctor will check the swelling and softness of your lower leg.

Ultrasound or MRI scan – this will help the doctor to determine if there is a torn vein.

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