When your ankle injured, most likely one or more of the three ligaments have been pulled.

If the ankle injury is not handled properly, the fibers contained in it can be recovered, but in the wrong position, and make you vulnerable to injury. And it is true that about 30 percent of people suffering from an ankle injury “chronic ankle instability,” which can lead to a recurrence of injury.

What to do for ankle injury

If your foot sprains and consequently could not walk – or putting pressure on it – immediately to emergency room to heal damaged ligaments, and bone fractures. If you can walk without feeling excruciating pain, wrap your ankle with a bandage compresses to relieve swelling, and rest. Raise your ankle as much as possible for 48 hours, and with an ice pack for 20 minutes every two hours.

Ankle injury first aidDespite the pain and swelling are gone, do not think you’ve fully recovered. To make sure you do not re-injure the ankle, you have to strengthen it. Stand on one leg with the opposite leg bent, then switch to the other leg, and repeat the same thing. Start by brushing your teeth  standing for 30 seconds, after which added more time to about three minutes per foot

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