When waking up from squatting, you often feel sore knee. The pain is getting into when climbing stairs. When these symptoms are often felt, one of the possible causes of this problem is Osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is actually a process of thinning of the joint cartilage. However , lay people often equate with gout and rheumatism. Joint consists of cartilage and synovial membrane, and ligaments that are beyond maintaining stability and muscles that make perfect joints can move .

What are the common causes of Osteoarthritis (OA)?

There are two types of OA . First, the primary OA usually occurs in those who are over the age of 45 years , the cause is the natural aging process . OA is slowly but progressively attack , and can hit more than one joint . ” It usually attacks the joints that bear weight such as knee and hip , can also attack your back , neck , and fingers.

In primary OA , the cause of age -related factors , according to the fact many of them are older than 60 years of experience penggugusan cartilage , and OA did not occur in those aged under 30 years . The age factor is a cause of OA but what triggered it is not certain .

Second , secondary OA can occur at any age and is usually caused by trauma that causes injury to the joints ( eg, fractures or joint surfaces are not parallel ) , due to the curved shape of the joints , such as the foot shape or form O X. Other causes include genetic factors and metabolic diseases such as gout and joint infections such as tuberculosis .

4 Stages of Osteoarthritis

There are four-stage osteoarthritis . In the early stages , such as stage one and two , the treatment can be done with prevention through weight loss programs , exercise tailored to the conditions of his OA , and administering medications , joint injections and physiotherapy . One dietary supplement that is used for the treatment of OA is Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate , or by using hyaluronic acid injections .

If osteoathritis already entered the stage of severe ( stage IV ), it can not be overcome by simply given drugs or vitamins of bone, the article of the cells of cartilage surface is up. The action to be performed is arthroplasty or joint replacement. Actually this action is to replace the damaged cartilage surfaces with artificial joints or artificial surfaces .

Arthroplasty surgery is not easy because of the narrow slit wound surgery , with doctors using chainsaws particular , the joint must be accurately leveled , so that the surface of the artificial joint ( prothesis ) can sit in a stable position . For example, the knee joint arthroplasty surgery required 25 stages before it can be installed prothesis . One mistake will cause the knee joint can not move perfectly , sometimes even the operated joints can not move .

In this surgery, the ligaments supporting the joint to be repaired its balance, are like the time before experiencing osteoarthritis sufferers. If cutting and installation process and ligament arthroplasty both stable, then the legs can be bent straight back with a relatively perfect motion and no pain.

If after surgery the patient can not move well, or even excessive pain occurs, it may be caused by lack of skill physicians who perform the arthroplasty surgery.

Therefore, not all orthopedic surgeon can do. Doctors who perform these operations must be physicians who have undergone specialized training in the center arthroplasty. Since it is very complicated, can not a new orthopedic surgeon spine surgery five times directly addressing joint replacement surgery.

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