Avoid Bad Habit Carrying Hand Bag On Elbow

The women now have a new habit of carrying a bag.  Not be hung on the shoulders , but on the inside of the elbow with the outside facing brand . Although it looks stylish , these habits can cause elbow tendon inflammation.

Tendons are the ends of muscles attached to the bones . Inflammation of the tendons and joints in the world of medicine referred to as tendinitis . This disorder usually occurs around the elbows , shoulders , wrists , and ankles .

Tendinitis occurs because the movements are performed repeatedly, excessive exercise , or carrying a heavy load amounts in a long time , causing tension in the tendon.

In addition , workers who prioritise physical activity with repetition of movements , unusual position , a lot of vibration , and excessive exertion , also should be aware of this disorder .

At first , tendinitis may only cause mild pain when moved , but over time the pain was more frequent , there is swelling , red , and hot flashes . “It is a sign of inflammation or inflammation.

If left untreated , tendonitis can become chronic and lead to limb limitations . For example , when a new shoulders raised slightly , immediately felt pain , shoulder when it should be free to move in any direction .

One of the common causes of elbow tendonitis to the women is carrying heavy bag over the elbow area for years.

Other examples are the cases of tendinitis injuries suffered by Brazilian soccer player Kaka affected tendinitis to be absent play .

Treatments of Tendonitis

Although impressed harmless , tendinitis is not treated properly can lead to tendon damage , serious conditions that need further treatment such as surgery .

The initial treatment of tendinitis is rest the inflamed body part , use an ice pack to reduce swelling , administration of anti-pain medications , or physical therapy .

However , in the chronic phase , in addition to surgery , is now available using the method of high -pressure shock wave therapy ( RSWT ) .

RSWT method will stimulate neural networks to activate the mechanism of the pain barrier.

The advantages of this method compared to surgery is relatively quick and effective treatment with lower side effects because it minimizes the use of drugs .

RSWT can also be used to overcome the problem of pain in the skeletal muscle , various pains in the legs , up the wound and fracture healing is delayed .

Inflammation of the tendons and muscles can actually be prevented by not burdening the body beyond its capacity . Muscles and tendons have a maximum strain . Rather than carrying a bag but it was too heavy , better bring two bags so that the load is divided. So avoid bad habit carrying hand bag on elbow.

For those who regularly exercise , it is important to warm up or stretch .

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