Back Injury Cause Back Pain In Weightlifting Athletes

Back Injury In Weightlifting Athletes While Squatting is an injury to the tendon and lower back muscles, leading to muscle spasm and pain.

Back Injury Cause Back Pain In Weightlifting Athletes While Squatting

Causes Of Back Injury Weightlifting Athletes

Every great force can tear the muscles and tendons of the lower back (lumbar region).

This injury is common in sports that require a push or pull against a strong resistance, such as weight lifters or football players.

These injuries also occur in sports that require branch by playing back a sudden, for example in the game of basketball and golf.

Risk factors for back injury are:

  • The curvature of the lower spine that are too excessive
  • Bones hips tilt forward
  • Muscles are weak or tight
  • Abdominal muscles and thigh muscles are weak
  • Vein stiff knee.

Backs are also prone to injury if the spine is fragile due to arthritis, spine disorders preparation or spinal tumor.

Symptoms Of Back Injury Weightlifting 

Spinal injury usually causes sudden pain in the lower back during the swing, pushing or pulling.

At first the pain is not too severe, so people can still continue his training.
Torn muscles and tendons will further bleed and swell, and 2-3 hours later, a seizure that causes severe pain.

Any movement will aggravate your back pain, so patients often choose a position like a baby in the womb.

How to diagnose?

Diagnosis is based on symptoms and physical examination.

If your lower back hurts and touched will worsen if the patient bends forward.

Treatment Of Back Injury In Weightlifting Athletes

Patients should rest and a sore back area is compressed with ice cubes.

Once the condition is improving, could do abdominal exercises (which help stabilize the spine) and exercises to stretch and strengthen the back muscles.

Prevention Of Back Injury In Weightlifting Athletes

Using a weightlifting belt can help prevent back injury.

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