Back Muscle Spasm

One morning alarm rings you many times, but you are so lazy to get up because the whole body feels so stiff and primarily along the back waist and you feel very heavy and stiff when you move. All of it will be reduced when you push yourself up and do light activities, but your waist will still be stiff. Actually, what is happening?

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The condition you are experiencing is back muscle spasm / seizure / cramps / muscle stiffness, which is a normal mechanism of the body when it is caused by an imbalance “biochemistry” in certain areas of the muscles in your body when it previously had and or doing some physical activity that overexpression of usually where diketika that area was needed, but it still does not fulfilled so that the body responds with a form of reflex spasm in the muscle that occurs recovery / restoration.

So if you are doing some physical activity than usual then you will potentially experience these events, but if you could drink enough fluids and containing sugar, sodium, potassium, magnesium at a certain level then you would not be suffering so badly.

But many people are not aware of the above kinds of body mechanisms. Especially when lifting activities also carry a particular burden on the waist belt barely any at all. So often we find that the average patient in a state of severe, because not only are hip muscle spasm / stiffness, but also follow-bulging disc HNP even blamed one segment of your spine. It was so, when it is advisable to wear-Lumbar Corset instead shook his head.

In such circumstances you usually call masseuse around or taking certain medications. But be careful, it’s not required by your body. You do need a muscle relaxant waist but not necessarily inviting itinerant masseur, because sometimes even make the execution of a new problem that it sometimes makes your condition worse.

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