Back Pain? Pain in the back area is often perceived by office workers. The pain is sometimes up to the performance of one’s work at the office. So how do I fix this?

Back Pain

Before receiving any treatments, it will be good  if you know in advance the cause of back pain that often occurs in the workplace. Pain in the back area of the body is usually caused by the way you are sitting, standing and lifting.

With the amount of time spent sitting, your body ‘willy-nilly’ must adjust to the position. The body has to adapt to the weight is concentrated on the hips and pelvis as you sit upright, slouching or other positions.

In addition,  problem in muscles can cause back pain. When sitting, the muscles in the hip flexor will automatically tighten, and when standing butt turned into a weaker and sagging due to being in a relaxed position. It is often called the ‘muscle imbalance’.

As a result of muscle imbalance, it will cause postural dysfunction of the pelvis and spine, making both of them are in an abnormal position. This position can damage the health of people who previously did not have problems in the back, and a disaster for those who suffer from any kind of back pain.

Some steps to overcome back pain in the office, are as follow:

While Sitting

Try different sitting positions and change sitting position at any time. For example, sitting with legs straightened or bent so that the soles of the feet touching wheel chair. Every now and then walked off the desk and stood up when picking up the phone or clear the table, is also another way to reduce back pain.

While Standing

If the job requires you to stand all day, make sure that you wear quality shoes that support the contours of the foot. Body mechanics start when your foot hits the ground. Therefore the use of a neutral shoe (not using the heel) is highly recommended.

One of the bad habits when somebody is standing and do weight-bearing on one leg while standing for long. The position is a danger to the pelvis and spine. So, try to always bearing weight on both feet.

While Lifting Weights

When lifting objects weighing more than 4.6 pounds repetitively, can make your back in danger. Not because of their activities, but because the body’s inability to tolerate the stress of the weight. In other words, you can lift any object while it is capable of lifting.

But when we are unable to bear the weight, and still forced to pick, there will be a muscle imbalance. If it happens, it just takes time and stress that ultimately makes you feel pain in your back.


It is inevitable from office life, and act as the cause of muscle tension that can make cider. Stress also lowers your tolerance to pain. For some cases, regulate breathing can minimize stress. In addition, walking in the park, or talk about a frustrating with friends, believed to help.

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