How Acute Back Pain Become Chronic Back Pain?

As per our back pain doctor Singapore, pain is very common and limit one physical capabilities for those under forty-five years. Chronic problems include last more than three months, which is the typical healing time for soft tissue that may be affected by the injury. There is a biological purpose for acute pain syndromes, to prevent us from continuing with the activities that cause tissue damage and forcing us to care for the wound to heal. Chronic pain syndrome has none of the biological functions that are useful and apparently without use.

Back Pain Doctor Singapore

Overall, back pain is very common and up to 20 percent of the population may have long-term problems and repetitive but they do not hold severe. A small group of 5-7 percent suffer from back pain develop chronic pain and crippling problems that prevent work. This is a relatively common cause of undergoing surgical procedures and as much of the structure of the intervertebral disc is avascular it can slow down the healing period significantly and made ​​resolution of problems less likely.

Injuries that occur in the spine and early degenerative changes in the joints and discs can explain many of the problems that emerged back pain but there is a bad relationship between the number of pathological changes in the spinal cord and the level of pain suffered by the patient. MRI scanning revealed a change much like the disk bulges or prolapses in individuals who do not complain of significant pain. The cause is not well understood but may include inflammation and neurological effects.

Generally available diagnostic studies did not identify specific pathologies that may be associated with back pain syndrome were studied, when psychological factors are usually considered as a possible cause. Psychological factors are known to be important in the development severe pain and disability from simple lower back pain but it can not be seen as a factor causing the modern investigation may be sensitive enough to take the painful pathologies. Social and psychological factors that still need to be identified and treated as soon as they can be assessed and management program begins.

Who gets the back pain?

As per our back pain doctor Singapore, Claims for low back pain were highest in those occupations involving repetitive heavy work such as operating heavy machinery, driving a truck and working at construction sites. The occurrence of back pain and sciatic leg pain seems to be higher over the life of workers in jobs such as road construction. Sciatica occurs only in about 5% of cases of low back pain but it is one of the most frequent reasons for operations management, with the level of L4 / 5, which operated at the most, followed by L5/S1 level. In the UK operations for sciatica is relatively low, but in the United States and other countries the number of such operations can be much higher.

It is in western industrialized countries that the level of disability from chronic low back pain has become very high with the social and economic characteristics. There are no genetic factors have differentiated between the different races to explain the causes of variation in the mechanism. The split between male patients and female are the same and those reporting lower back pain, mostly in middle age when most have evidence of degenerative changes in the spine. Sciatica, associated with changes in the disc, occurs mostly in their 30s and 40s are the age of 42 being the average age for lumbar discectomy.

Lumbar spine is the last part of the spinal column flexible and intended to support the weight of your upper body as it passes to the foot gait. Compared to the size of the lumbar spine was able to overcome the heavy burden is passed through the sacroiliac joint to the pelvis and hips. The bones are relatively mobile lumbar while still managing to deliver a significant burden on their internal architecture by which the formation of thin buffer in the cancellous align strengthened to match the applied force. The lumbar vertebrae should transmit more power and bigger as they go down and for this purpose the vertebral bodies become larger lower them.

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