Back pain is not a trivial problem.

Nowadays, most people are busy with their career and have paid less attention to their health of the spine. Most people have underestimated and ignored the importance of having healthy spine.

Back Pain is NOT a trivial matter

According to Dr Kevin Yip, problem to the spine may not be easily addressed. The spine consists of a complex structure, which is composed of the spine itself, bearing tissue, muscle tissue, joints, and nerves.

Dr Kevin Yip explained that if one of the structures damaged, other structures will also be disrupted. If bulging disc found in the spine, it will affect the joint system of the spine as top vertebrae  and bottom vertebrae of the spine will put pressure on the disc and cause instability. If the situation is left untreated,  calcification of the spine will eventually happen. In addition, it would become acute problem if there is impingement to the nerve. The pain may not only occur in the spine itself, it could also radiates down to the leg especially back of the leg which also known as sciatica.

If this back pain left untreated, a person’s productivity can be compromised.

Problem in the spinal is a complicated thing. In order to overcome these problem, it requires appropriate management. The root of the problems should be identified through the symptoms and medical history of the patient and medical investigation like x-ray, MRI, and CT Scan.

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