Back Pain you might consider trivial. But in fact, low back pain as a manifestation of spinal pain (NTB) is a majority of the cases of rheumatic complaints. In fact, most adults under the age of 45 lost work time due to this disease.

Back Pain Lost Working Time

Low Back Pain related to labor productivity, low back pain problems in the productive age have the highest absenteeism rates.

This problem is also the second most common disease during a visit to the doctor, the cause of the five causes of people admitted to hospital. This is a disease with surgery three largest and highest cause of disability.

Low back pain is an important public health issue. Prevalence is highest where people over the age of 50 years must have experienced this problem.

Cause of low back pain because the muscles (strain) and ligaments (sprain lumbar). The pain of the muscle usually goes away by itself without treatment. Meanwhile, pain due to ligament especially with os iliaca transverse processes would be in pain, especially when someone is lifting weights. Severe pain is usually due to rupture.

Both could easily happen because of poor general condition, improper use, obesity and smoking.

Most pain is effectively treated with a proper diagnosis. For the case of strains and sprains, usually patient enough oral medications alone. Plus adequate rest to lessen the pain will be gone 2-3 weeks. If the state reduced pain, subsequent rehabilitation program can begin with strengthening the waist muscles and abdominal muscles.

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