Back Pain: Yoga Overcome Chronic Low Back Pain

Back Pain: Yoga Overcome Chronic Low Back Pain. The good news for those who take a yoga class to deal with complaints of lower back pain.

Back Pain: Yoga Overcome Chronic Low Back Pain

Back Pain: Yoga Overcome Chronic Low Back Pain

Overall, you will experience improved lifestyle and health, than those that rely solely on treatment from a doctor.

It was revealed from the study at the University of York, UK, published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine in the United States. The study looked at more than 300 people over the UK, who are currently seeing a doctor to address chronic back pain or does not go away. A total of 156 of them were asked to follow a yoga class, while 157 others were simply rely on care physician.

After three months, the results showed that the group of people who attend yoga classes can perform 30% more activity than the group that only a doctor. They become more confident to perform daily activities, such as running faster, change my clothes without the help of others or stand for long periods, not merely experiencing a reduction in back pain.

That certainly be additional benefits of yoga in improving health. Previous research published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine also states that yoga and stretching exercises can reduce back pain. There are also studies that revealed that yoga can reduce stress and improve quality of life for patients, breast cancer, and reduce episodes of irregular heart rhythm in patients with heart disease.

“Back pain is a very common condition and the treatment cost is quite expensive. Although treatment through exercise has been widely used and recommended, but its effect on low back pain is not too significant, “said study leader, David Torgerson.

David adds, “Our research shows that yoga can benefit in the short and long term, without causing side effects.

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