KNEE PAIN? KNEE feel hollow and empty? Turns out it was caused by bone loss, joint calcification, injuries due to falls or vigorous exercise that you often do.

Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Do you often feel pain in the knee when walking for too long? Or maybe when the knee is moved, the sound unnatural? If both of these things happen, watch out. Therefore, there is a likelihood of knee problems.

Cause of knee pain can be vary. Among other things, bone loss (osteoporosis), calcification of the joints (osteoarthritis), and injury to the meniscus or ligaments of the knee. Knee Pain can also occur due to knee sprains, fall, or strenuous exercise.

Osteoarthritis in the knee joint happened due to ongoing friction and wear and tear to the knee. This condition usually occurs in people who have injured or overweight (obese).

If you sprain, you should go to the doctor so that minor injuries can be treated in a professional manner. Unfortunately, most people believe more over alternative treatments.

Symptoms of knee problem is normally start off with ‘clicking and cracking’ sound when the knee move. However, symptoms of knee problem can be more than just the clicking and cracking sound like a broken door hinge. Those affected knee problem usually complain of pain, stiffness and heaviness when stepping or weakness when running. Seeking an orthopaedic specialist to check the knee up will then be medically necessary.

The effect of knee problem was not only causes sufferers have limitations in movement, it will also cause the people to easily get tired while walking, difficulty in squatting and fall easily.  If experienced by adults in their productive age, of course, it can reduce work productivity which is most concerned.

As a result, the treatment for the knee problem is really necessary. The treatment wise will not only eliminate the complaints but also prevent the problem from worsening. The treatment process is usually customised accordingly with the severity of the symptom.

For example, if the knee sprain and unable to straighten, doctor may recommend to do MRI Scan. If the MRI scan found the meniscus torn or ligament torn, the operation steps must be taken. The operation called a keyhole surgery (arthroscopy) which is minimally invasive. The surgeon will make small incision to insert a sort of microscope equipment and tools to suture back the meniscus or to reconstruct the ligament. This operation will normally perform under general anaesthesia. Completion of the operation, patient is allowed to go home on the same day without the need for hospitalisation and be able to walk normally again.

However, in the elderly (seniors citizen), sometimes the treatment for their knee problem will be more difficult.  Often they suffer from severe cartilage damage to the knee.  They may need total knee replacement instead or arthroscopy. The cartilage is normally replaced with the artificial cartilage which made from titanium.

After the surgery, the patient can move freely because of the two bones in the knee is fused and can balance the body. To prevent knee problem, exercise shoud be done correctly and carefully. Muscles will get stronger and controlled to support the body weight perfectly with exercise.

Take note  that a high intake of milk or calcium supplements is not a major step to prevent knee problem. Therefore, calcium supplements is aimed at preventing osteoporosis, not osteoarthritis.

In order to prevent osteoarthritis, taking glucosamine of 1500mg is advisable. Maintaining a healthy and ideal body weight is really important to be freed from any unwanted problem.

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