8 Points On Body That Prone To Injury

Bikers Injury: 8 Points On Body That Prone To Injury

Bikers Injury: 8 Points On Body That Prone To Injury

Bikers have a huge risk when having an accident. Here are 8 points on the body prone to injury:

  1. Head. The biggest risk is the head of the riders overall. Head is the top priority in the drive, brain injury is the biggest risk. Use full-face helmet for maximum protection, because the bones of the face are also prone to injury.
  2. Chest. When an accident occurs, the chest bump prone handlebars or other vehicle. This can cause fractures to the sternum that is very dangerous because in it there lungs and heart. As a result of the fracture of the sternum, the chest will be filled with the blood of the air, or a combination of both. The risk of death from breast bone fractures up to 60%. We recommend using a body protector when riding.
  3. Spine. Collision from the rear causing spine fracture can potentially due to the paralysis of the spine is a central nervous system of the head to the tail bone.
  4. Wrists and fingers. Wrist and fingers is an important organ in the drive because the most intense in the opening and closing gas and vehicle handling. The proportion of injuries at 16%. Use gloves that cover all the fingers and wrist.
  5. Elbow. When an accident occurs, we often do reflexes protect head motion with his hands, especially the elbow. Use a fitted jacket elbow protector to prevent elbow injuries in the fall.
  6. Shoulder. Focus based hand on the shoulder, that’s why it also often has injured shoulder. Not a bit of shoulder injuries involve broken bones.
  7. Knee. Consequences of conflicts to asphalt, other vehicles or vehicles own downtrodden, knees often experience bone dislocation or knee joint friction. Moreover, we can cause breakage of the ligament or tissue adhesive between femur and leg bones. Use knee protector when riding will minimize knee injury.
  8. Foot and Leg finger points. Many accidents result in fractures (fractures) in toasty feet. Also often suffer from ankle joint dislocation. To minimize, use safety shoes (cover ankles) while riding.

Use safety equipment (helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, boots) while riding, both for riding long distance and short distance to minimize injury during an accident. We did not want that to happen, but it does not hurt just in case.

Keep safety on the road!

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