For one reason or another, a person may experience a broken wrist. When this happens, the person experiencing it will experience severe pain until swelling arises in the broken part.

Broken wrists must be treated immediately because they can cause several dangerous complications. The sufferer may experience neurological disorders that can have a long-lasting impact. Therefore, you should know some complications in broken wrists.

Here are some things that can happen!

Broken Wrist Complications

A broken wrist is one of the risks that often occurs to someone with a hobby or a dangerous activity, such as dealing with speed or height. When falling, the hand reflex is to protect the body so that collisions do not occur on the chest because of fatal things that can occur. Thus, a broken wrist is inevitable.

It is very important to immediately treat the broken or fractured wrist as soon as possible. If not, the broken bone may not be able to return to its original position. Finally, your daily activities can be affected by abnormal hands. The treatment is also done to minimize the pain that arises.

Treatment is also done to prevent complications due to broken wrists. If you have difficulty moving your fingers within 24 hours after treatment due to pain or swelling, further tests should be carried out to avoid complications. Here are some complications that can occur due to a broken wrist:

1. Feeling Stiff and Pain

One of the common complications of a broken wrist is feeling stiff and causing pain in the affected area. This will generally disappear after the cast is removed or after surgery. Even so, these feelings might happen permanently. Therefore, it is important to schedule a doctor’s examination regarding the latest reports about the situation that occurred.

2. Wrist Osteoarthritis

Another complication that occurs due to a broken wrist is osteoarthritis. This disorder occurs because a broken bone extends to the joints, causing arthritis for years afterwards. If a broken wrist starts to hurt or swell when not working hard, it is a good idea to check with your doctor.

3. Nerve Damage or Blood Vessels

You can also experience trauma to the wrist, causing damage to nerves and / or blood vessels adjacent to the area. Symptoms of this include feeling numb or having problems with blood circulation.

4. Muscle Easily Tired

The muscles around the broken wrist might become easier to get tired. This happens generally due to strenuous activities or activities that rely on hand strength. Maybe you can only lift weights only half of what is usually lifted.

Those are some of the complications that can arise when a person experiences a broken wrist. Therefore, if you experience broken wrist, it’s good to make sure to get it treated properly so that complications can be avoided. Call or Whatsapp us at 64762106 for an appointment with our Wrist Specialist.

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