Bunion: Disaster of Improper Shoes

For some women, wear shoes with a narrow tip, if you need high-heeled pointy stiletto style, is believed to increase the confidence.

Bunion: Disaster of Improper Shoes Pointy Stiletto Style

Bunion: Disaster of Improper Shoes Pointy Stiletto Style

Shape of the foot that looks worn at the edges, with fingers tightly into the reason a lot of people to bandage his feet with shoes that do not have a model of the cavity just enough for the foot to stretch. Yes, fashion is irrefutable reasons despite causing serious health effects.

Even more recently, health activists in Hollywood busy to condemn young mother Katie Holmes, an actress who is also the wife of actor Tom Cruise, Suri who treats the child like an adult. Petite girl who was still a toddler, in many occasions seen wearing high heels, which is sometimes used a model with the mother.

The reason fashion is often an enemy to health. For Katie Holmes, high heels with narrow end used Suri might seem cool. However, many experts warned of the dangers of hallux valgus and bunion, which could potentially infect Suri at a later date.

Yes, it is hallux valgus, which is a disorder with symptoms that lead to the appearance of the big toe to the little finger. Accordance with the original layout name, mean hallux big toe. Her Moderate valgus, is the enlargement of the corner joints outward body axis. In other words, hallux valgus is a disorder lies the big toe, where the joints at the base of the toes bulge out from next to the outside of the foot and the toes pointing inward (facing the smaller toes).

The use of ill-fitting shoes, often the cause of disease. Victoria Beckham, the wife of the legendary footballer David Beckham who is also member of the Spice Girls, hallux valgus indications of suffering due to her habit to wear shoes that are too tight and high heels so often squeezed thumb.

Not only influenced by fashion provocation, the disease can also occur due to an unbalanced gait, so the joints obtained abnormal stresses during walking. Additionally, heredity also influential. Not because of genetically inherited, but rather tend to occur in the family because there is a similar type of foot. Bad habits in the family such as dictation fashion tastes can also increase the chances of contracting the hallux valgus.

Symptoms of this disease, it is usually followed by the appearance of a bunion. Bunion is an enlargement of bone or tissue around the joint at the base of the big toe that would normally cause swelling and pain.

The bigger the bunion is formed, then the toe angle also increases. Usually these foot conditions only as ëíbunioníí only (hallux valgus and to represent the bunion).

In the early going toe slope toward the little finger and thumb joints near it stand out, usually do not appear pain. However, when the slope increases, usually accompanied by pain and rheumatic pain. That was coupled with a reddish swelling at the base of the big toe. This occurs as a result of the inflammation that arises because of the narrowness of shoes.

To prevent joint disability and the effects are more severe, patients are advised to undergo bunion surgery. However, there are several ways to reduce the impact bunion, although not necessarily correct arrangement of bones and joints that have been changed.

First, physical therapy to reduce pain and improve joint space. Bunion sufferers are advised pull the big toe in all directions, to hold 10-15 seconds in each direction. Alternatively, patients can wrap the affected finger bunion with an elastic bandage, and stretch your toes so that the thumb can stretch. Every successful stretch thumb, should be detained for up to 10 minutes.

Do not forget, the shoes should be loose at the front to minimize stress on the joints. In addition, high heels are not recommended. In the market has also emerged footwear products made specifically for bunion sufferers. And equally important, the foot rest is effort that should not be overlooked. If needed, compression and pain relief medication can also be performed.

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