Bunion is a disorder lies the big toe, where the joints at the base of the toes bulge out from next to the outside of the foot and the toes pointing inward (facing the smaller toes). Bunion is a painful swelling of the fluid-filled sac (bursa) at the base of the toes that occurs because of hallux vagus.

Bunion (Hallux Valgus) - Foot Disorders In Big Toe

Bunion (Hallux Valgus) – Foot Disorders In Big Toe

Cause Of Hallux Valgus

The cause of hallux valgus usually are footwear that fits and painful, but it is easy injury to this disorder appears to run in families. Because women often wear the inproper shoes, women are more prone to this deformity.

Symptoms Of Bunion

Hallux valgus actually make widening base bulges in the legs because my toes out of the foot. Irregularities in the toes also occur, so that your toes pointed out the smaller toes. As a result, a bump on the edge of your toes, where the base meets the metatarsal head to your toes. Below is the stock bump (fluid-filled sacs). Bursa became irritated with pergesekkan with shoe, resulting in swelling of the bursa under the bump, thereby increasing the size of the lump-this is called a bunion. Irritation persists on the bunion with friction with shoes cause increased bone growth and further swelling of the bursa, bunion enlargement and widening further on foot.

Diagnosis Of Bunion

Doctors can usually make the diagnosis of hallux valgus and bunion by directly examining the foot. X-ray can help to ensure a level of hallux valgus.

Treatment For Bunion

The pain can be treated by injecting a corticosteroid mixed with local anesthetic into the bunion. Bunion Protector Pads or modified shoes can also help relieve pressure on hospitals around the bunion. Bunion sometimes very painful or severe hallux valgus levels could require surgery to repair the toe position.

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