Having burning feet? Looking for burning feet specialist clinic for proper treatment? Burning feet Can Be Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy. If you experience a burning soles on your feet, it is possible that you suffer from peripheral nerve dysfunction or that is peripheral neuropathy. Treatment of peripheral neuropathy focuses on preventing further nerve damage.

Burning feet specialist clinic

The causes of hot feet can vary, ranging from mild to severe. Hot feet can be caused by too much activity or using uncomfortable footwear. This of course can be overcome with rest.

However, this condition can also occur due to an underlying disease or health disorder. One of the most common is diabetes which often causes complications in the form of peripheral neuropathy.

In addition, the causes of peripheral neuropathy include vitamin B deficiency, alcohol consumption in a long time, gout, to AIDS.

Foot Nerve Damage Causes Burning Feet

In patients with peripheral neuropathy, nerve fibers get damaged. Damaged peripheral nerves tend to become more active, thus sending the wrong signal to the brain, which is pain when the actual source of pain is absent. This condition also makes the nerves become too sensitive to touch.

If this happens in the leg nerves, pain complaints will arise. However, complaints of peripheral neuropathy can vary. So, some can feel the burning sensation, some are just mild. In addition, there are also those who feel it as tingling. If the nerves are completely damaged, the patient becomes numb.

Peripheral neuropathy can be divided based on the level of nerve damage or the severity of the result:


As the name implies, mononeuropathy means damage to a single peripheral nerve. This condition occurs due to injury, often doing the same movements over and over, or holding the same position for a long time.

This causes prolonged pressure on one nerve, resulting in a type of mononeuropathy nerve damage. Symptoms that may occur include muscle weakness and tingling or numbness in the affected part of the nerve.


This type means there is nerve damage to several peripheral nerves at the same time. People with polyneuropathy often feel complaints in the legs due to long nerve fibers.

The cause is vitamin B deficiency, kidney failure, cancer, and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages in the long run. The most common of these types is diabetic neuropathy due to diabetes. Hot feet are one of the few symptoms of polyneuropathy.

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

According to our specialist, usually sufferers of peripheral neuropathy will experience other symptoms, such as:

Feet feels like something wrapping around, like when wearing socks, Legs heavy and weak when will be moved, The surface of the foot feels like there is a gentle vibration or sudden pain, Feels piercing pain, Excessive sweating, Sexual dysfunction (in men).

Try to always maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise routine and use comfortable footwear to avoid diseases that can cause peripheral neuropathy.

If you experience burning feet or other symptoms of peripheral neuropathy that often recur and do not improve or get worse, you are advised to see a neuro specialist. Call or Whatsapp us at 64762106 for an appointment.

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