Calcaneal Spur

There is nothing wrong when someone likes and wearing high-heel every day, well there’s nothing wrong with people who really like walking barefoot on the track-specific with gravel surface that deliberately limited seating in the corners of the city that can be residents used for therapeutic purposes while netting morning foot reflexology. The problem is when the constant clash between the heel is so thin flesh with the surface of high-heel shoes or a hard gravel surface.

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Calcaneal Spur

Because this ongoing process, it will lead to bruising and infections on the surface of the calcaneal bone / heel which is characterized by pain in the heel when you wake up in the morning when it was first set foot on the floor, all of this then triggers the growth of keloid tissue which ultimately stimulates the emergence of calcification / calcification with more severe pain whenever you set foot, X-ray photos will speak later. In the advanced level, surgery to scrape spur patients eligible for consideration to be free from pain.

Not only do both of these situations occur that make calcification in heels, but all activities that cause heavy impact on the heel that occurs continuously and repeatedly will certainly trigger.

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