What is calcification of the joint ?

Calcification of the joints is a layman’s term disease of the joints called osteoarthritis .

Calcification of joints or osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints where there is thinning or damage to the joint cartilage resulting in an inflammatory reaction in the joints, causing joint pain, joint stiffness, joint swelling and impaired joint structure which then lead to joint deformities due to the undermining of the joints.

Is this the same as the calcification of joints rheumatic diseases ?

The term rheumatism is understood the general public is not the same as medical sense .

Ordinary people understand as all rheumatic diseases of the joints that causes pain and swelling .

In fact , medically , is a disease called arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis .

So it was not all pain and swelling in arthritic joints is a real disease .

And calcification of the joints is not a rheumatic disease .

Is osteoarthritis same with osteoporosis ?

No. Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which bones become brittle and easily broken .

Is there a trend of a certain age and sex for one to get this disease ?

Yes. The disease is more prevalent in the age of 50 years and more of the women .

How many people who suffer from this disease ?

A lot, but the data is unknown .

What is the cause of calcification of the joint ?

Disease calcification of the joints are divided into :

  • Of unknown cause ( primary )
  • Caused by certain conditions ( secondary )

The meaning of certain conditions , among others :

  • due to fractures that cause the joint surface is not flat anymore
  • due to tearing of fastener joints so that the joint is unstably
  • had an infection due to joint

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