Why calf cramp happen? What can cause the legs is stiff? Do you have trouble sleeping because of calf cramp? For example, the position of sleep is not right, or because the legs hit the goods. This can cause calf cramp and legs become stiff. One of the legs that are often encountered when the sleeping bed is the calf. Looking for calf cramp specialist clinic for an effective treatment? Call 64762106 or SMS 84998384

Have you ever woke up at night due to calf cramp? Precisely even when waking up, the body is still tired and weak. Even some parts of the body feel stiff especially at the calf area. For example on the cause of sore and stiff neck, the cause of stiff muscles, the cause of stiff hands, stiff shoulders and stiff and so forth. When in motion it hurts. Initially wanted to get up to immediately start the activity, even delayed due to stiff muscle problems.

Calf Cramp Specialist Clinic

Why calf cramp in the middle of night? Is there a mistake in your sleeping position? Actually the reason why the calves are cramps after waking up due to ‘shock muscle’. The point is when you wake up, then the position of surprise. So that instantly move the muscle. Though muscle condition there must be a pause from the moment she relaxed until want to contraction. At calf cramp specialist clinic, treatments for calf cramp will be depending of the cause of calf cramp. calf cramp specialist clinic

Causes of Calf Cramp

There are several reasons that can cause this part of the leg to cramp.

Poor blood circulation causes calf cramp

Calves that cramps on your feet can be caused due to the obstruction of blood circulation.  The point is your circulatory system is in bad condition. Taking more vegetable will help blood circulation. 

Calf injury causes calf cramp

Another reason that causes the condition of cramps in the calf is due to injury. This is a lot of encountered at athletes and sportsmen who often exercise heavily. Usually they make parts of some muscles tense. To anticipate it then need to warm up before exercise. Cream can help to reduce muscle cramp.

Mineral deficiency causes calf cramp

Some people who experience cramping problems in the calf can also be caused due to lack of essential mineral content. What are essential minerals like? This type of mineral, such as electrolytes, functions to maintain muscle stability. If you have enough of these nutrients, you can overcome the feeling of cramping. One of them is by consuming lots of vegetables.

Pregnancy causes calf cramp

Cramps in the calf can also be an early symptom that you are entering pregnancy. Because, the fetus in your stomach attracts most of the minerals in the body to help it develop. For example, the content of calcium and magnesium. This is what causes pregnant women to have a slow blood circulation.

Dehydration causes calf cramp

Another reason that can cause you to experience cramps in the calf is dehydration. Because a body that lacks fluids can make blood circulation not smooth. Especially in the central nervous system and brain. To overcome this, it is enough to consume enough oil water. Drinking plain water when you wake up. Also watch out for symptoms of severe and mild dehydration. Because due to severe and mild dehydration and the danger of dehydration are ready to haunt you. Also read how to prevent dehydration for recovery.

There is pressure on the nerve causes calf cramp

The human spine is an important part. When the part is under pressure from the outside, especially the nerve, it can cause cramps in the calf. Nerves from the vertebrae can be channelled to the calf. As a result, the legs can cause cramps.

Inadequate blood supply causes calf cramp

The cause of the part of the calf feels cramped due to lack of blood to the part. So that the muscles that are there don’t get nutritional intake. This makes the muscles become stiff, finally a sense of cramping arises. Usually the arteries lack blood supply from the body. This is common in people who like to exercise excessively.

Side effects of drugs causes calf cramp

Maybe you who have cramps are not people who like sports. Because cramps in the calf can also attract people who are taking certain medications. This is a symptom of side effects caused by the drug. Some types of drugs that can trigger cramps in the calf are steroid drugs, diuretics,  or even  contraceptive pill.

Cold water conditions causes calf cramp

Cramps in the legs can also be caused due to cold water. For example by swimming too long or swimming but not preparing to warm up first. So that the muscles become tightened. In addition, you who used to take a night bath can also cause calf palsy cramps. Especially when it’s raining – rain is cold outside.

Lack of exercise causes calf cramp

Maybe some of you don’t like doing sports. Of course this isn’t good. Because it can cause the risk of cramps in the calf. Muscles that have never been moved even cause it to become stiff. So that when moved a little, it can contract excessively. This causes a person who is lazy to exercise tends to experience more frequent cramping of the calf. You need to know, exercise can also be used for diet.

Hormonal disorders causes calf cramp

Another reason underlying why calves are easy to cramp is due to hormonal disorders. Of course this cannot be blamed on anyone. But you can see if it is due to hormonal. Among others, swelling occurs in the calf. So that the nerves experience pressure which causes lactic acid to accumulate. This is what causes cramping conditions to occur easily.

Age factor causes calf cramp

Other causes that make your legs feel cramped are due to age. A person who is getting older, will experience problems with reduced body mass and the compounds in it. So that the muscle in the calf becomes depressed and the condition is weak. That is why parents are easier and often cramp compared to children and adolescents.

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