CALF PAIN? Have you ever been jolted awake in the middle of the night, because of severe pain in the calf, which then spread to the soles of the feet?

After waking up, Touch the painful earlier. Definitely hard and tense. That is called a leg cramp.

Leg cramps are contractions of the leg muscles-especially the calves-which occurs suddenly and out of our consciousness.

Calf Pain

Calf Pain

Cramps can affect anyone, no age limit. But usually, these cramps experienced by those who are middle-aged or advanced.

Cause of Calf Pain

Until now it is not certain cause leg cramps. Clearly, there are many factors that were related to leg muscle cramps.
Some studies have found that dealing with the problem of leg cramps leg muscle control by the brain when we are asleep in bed.  That’s why most people who have experienced leg cramps, experienced when they were dreaming. But most scientists believe that is not an abnormality in the brain.

  • Leg cramps at night is likely to occur due to excessive leg muscles work as before strenuous activity. Another factor involved is triggered structural abnormalities of the foot (flat feet, for example), which makes the cramps are more common.
  • If during sleep, feet above the beds were hard, the greater the likelihood of cramps. Because it’s hard base effect local pressure on the feet. Legs were finally suppressed in hypoxic conditions, the lack of oxygen supply occurs because blood flow is not smooth.
  • As already in the know, one of the functions of blood is the oxygen for distribution throughout the body. Therefore, leg cramps-teutama around calf-also occurs because of sitting too long, or because the wrong foot position when a long pause.
  • In addition, the cold also known trigger leg cramps at night. The reason, the cold makes the blood vessels constrict (vasoconstriction). Thus, impaired blood flow in the legs.
  • Some diseases could also lead to calf pain for example, diabetes (diabetes millitus), Parkinson’s disease, hypoglycemia (blood sugar levels are too low), anemia, thyroid gland disorders (thyroid), and endocrine disorders.
  • Disease and hormonal disorders can basically establish hypoxia. Advanced stages of diabetes, for example, cause damage to blood vessels and make blood flow smoothly. Another example, anemia makes okdigen amount bound in the blood decreases. Because blood hemoglobin binding duty also reduced.
  • Low levels of some minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium have also long been associated with the problem of leg cramps at night. The marathon runner who has run into the tens of miles, for example, is often dehydrated and mineral deficiencies as just mentioned. As a result, they are prone to leg cramps while sleeping.

Treatments for Calf Pain

When compared with the wrong foot position during sleep, the more of a role trigger leg cramps at night is a disease, deficiency of certain substances, or hormonal abnormalities.

Therefore, if you are experienced, immediately consult your doctor.

However, existing pain can be relieved by the first handling is quite easy to do yourself. Among others:

  • Try to walk with leg cramps using it. Spread apart the calf by hand to touch your toes and pulling towards the knee.
  • Try to make at the time of the movement, keep your legs straight.
  • Sort calf from top to bottom (from the back of the knee to the ankle). Sort Repeat this over and over, but only in the same direction. Do not hurry, do it slowly though the pain is really severe. Long, leg cramps would subside.
  • Bathe with hot shower, or bath with warm water. Try to muscle cramps water soaked or submerged.
  • For severe leg cramps medicines containing diphenhydramine hydrochloride and simple as a muscle relaxant meprobamate and verapamil hydrochloride can be very helpful.

In addition, there are also other things which, when considered will greatly help prevent leg cramps. For example

  • Adequate magnesium intake. Magnesium is a mineral that is important for our body. Associated with muscle relaxation. Therefore, adequate magnesium intake is also useful for muscle cramps.
  • Some people who take magnesium it can be directly recovered from muscle cramps. But the muscle cramps that have lasted a long time, when overcome with supplements, usually will recover in time. Food sources that contain magnesium are green vegetables, as well as soybeans, avocados and nuts. The need for magnesium varies between 300 to 350 mg, and increased to 450 mg during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Attractive deep breath. Some reports say, muscle cramps at night related to sleep disorders, in which breathing stops for a moment. As a result, the body is deprived of oxygen. If this is the case, long breath several times to relieve leg cramps.
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