CALF PAIN is common in the United States, with a large proportion of the population having a certain level of leg pain at some time during their lives. Leg pain can occur as a result of injury or a symptom of another condition. Leg pain can occur temporarily and recover lost time injury, or chronic and more difficult to overcome.

Calf Pain

Calf Pain

Common Causes of Calf Pain

The most common calf pain caused by muscle spasms. Normally this is not a serious condition, it will be lost when the overworked muscles recover. Certain factors such as dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and the use of certain medications such as diuretics and statin drugs for high cholesterol can make you more susceptible to muscle cramps.

To prevent muscle cramps when you exercise, make sure you stay hydrated and warm up before doing the streneous exercise.

Leg pain often occurs due to injury to the leg, which is probably due to an acute injury or overuse injuries that formed after some time. Examples of injuries that can cause leg pain including strained muscles, shin splints, cracked growth plate and bone fractures. Fractures cause acute pain may be quite severe, while the stress fracture is a crack in the bone that takes time to heal and more difficult to diagnose than the more severe fractures. Growth plate fractures or cracks epifisial also known as common in children whose bones are still growing legs. Injuries is potentially serious because if not treated properly, it can result in an injury to the leg did not grow up as a healthy leg or bending. Muscles tense different because it involves tearing of muscle spasms. Tendonitis or inflammation of the tendon of the muscle, which can cause leg pain. Shin splints is an injury due to muscle overuse .. fascia and tendons at the front of the lower leg caused by a particular sport or activity.

Other than injury by accident or sports, certain other medical conditions can cause leg pain. There are several types of arthritis including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gouty arthritis that can cause pain in the hip, ankle and knee joints. Infection of the joint capsule, leg bones or other tissues in the legs can cause leg pain. Infection of the bone called osteomyelitis, and can be a serious condition. Infections that affect the bones can spread to the bone from the surrounding tissue or blood. Bone Infection can also occur due to complications of surgery.

Sometime leg pain caused by a back problem, if you have a herniated vertebral disc, it can cause pressure on the nerves that supply the muscles and skin on the legs and menyebebkan kind of nerve pain called sciatica. Other common causes of nerve damage that can cause pain in the legs, including the complications of diabetes and the complications due to the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Nerve damage can be felt as tingling, numbness or pain.

Treatment options of leg pain

Treatment options in leg pain depends on the cause of the condition. Some causes of leg pain such as muscle spasms, does not require treatment, just need a break, while others require medication or surgery. Some causes of leg pain, such as cases related to injuries due to sports, can be prevented by adequate hydration, techniques and safety equipment. Also important to keep conditions like diabetes controlled to prevent nerve damage in the limbs.

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