Fingers are one of the body parts that often experience both mild and severe injuries. Usually the most severe injuries occur when the fingers break during a work accident. The question is, can the broken fingers be reconnected?

Can broken fingers be reconnected?

Everyone must feel panic when experiencing an injury resulting in broken fingers. However, don’t worry too much first. The reason is that the broken finger turns out there is still a chance to be reconnected. Finger parts can still be connected, provided you act immediately and no more than 12 hours after the finger is cut off. So what to do?

What to do when the finger is cut off?

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The first thing to do is rinse your wound with water or sterile salt solution. Then stop bleeding on the cut finger. You do this by lifting your finger or hand in a standing position. Place it parallel or above the heart to reduce bleeding and minimise swelling.

Then, stop bleeding by bandaging the cut part of the finger. Be careful, don’t tie it too tight. After that, the next step that needs to be done is to take the broken finger piece and put it in a damp gauze.

If there is no gauze, you can use a towel with soft material. Remember, the towel must be moist, not really wet to accommodate the water in it.

After that, what needs to be done is to wrap the finger piece with a plastic bag or sterile container. Then, place the pieces of ice cubes that have been put into the plastic in the container containing the finger pieces that have been wrapped in a towel.

Remember, do not let the finger pieces come in direct contact with ice. Therefore, you must wrap it with a damp towel. Don’t use dry ice because it can damage finger tissue that is permanently cut off. If that happens, the finger piece cannot be reconnected to its original place.

Not all broken fingers can be reconnected

Apparently not all finger injuries can be reconnected. Apart from being too long, there are some conditions that usually make the fingers not be reconnected, such as:

Broken or contaminated fingers

If you experience an injury that breaks your finger, the doctor will usually take amputation, not reconnect. Because, when the finger is destroyed, the network will automatically be destroyed. Too much tissue damage makes the fingers unable and cannot be reconnected.

Not only that, if your injury tends to be contaminated and dirty, doctors usually do not recommend connecting procedures. This is because the cut off finger and in a dirty state will cause many problems if connected again.

One finger injury

If you experience a one-finger injury, your doctor usually advises you to amputate it. Why so? This is because replanting tends to cause more problems than amputating it.

Finger tip injury

Just like a one-finger injury, replacing a severed part of your finger tends to cause more problems. Therefore, doctors will usually only provide certain treatments to help him get well soon. Because the injury at the fingertips tends to heal quite quickly, easily recover, and does not disturb the appearance and function as a whole.

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