What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where there is an increase in pressure on the nerve that crosses the front of your wrist (median nerve). The median nerve flows through a dense aisle, along with tendons that flex your fingers. Why carpal tunnel operation is recommended? Find out more below. 

What are the benefits of this Carpal Tunnel Surgery Singapore?

The purpose of carpal tunnel surgery is to remove pressure on the median nerve by cutting the ligament pressure on the nerve. You should be helped in dealing with pain and numbness in your hands.

When should I undergo carpal tunnel surgery?

If your symptoms are severe or prolonged after trying non-surgical therapy, surgery can be the next choice. Surgery is considered only when symptoms do not improve after a few weeks or months of non-surgical treatment. This indicates that you have ongoing symptoms but not signs of nerve damage. Nerve damage can make surgery more urgent.

Or if the symptoms are severe to limit daily activities, such as when:

  • numbness and loss of coordination on the fingers or hands lasts longer and does not disappear
  • strength in the thumb decreases
  • your sleep is disturbed by this pain
  • there is damage to the median nerve (seen from nerve test results and loss of function of the hand, thumb, or finger) or risk of damage to the nerve.

What should I know before undergoing carpal tunnel surgery?

Nerve tests (nerve conduction speed test) are often performed before surgery. Surgery is more likely to succeed if the results of nerve testing refer to carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is undeniable that surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome is technically a deliberate injury to the natural structure of the wrist. Your decision about whether you should undergo open surgery or endoscopic surgery depends on your doctor’s experience with this procedure. Endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery uses highly technical equipment and a higher level of success when the doctor has performed the procedure frequently. After surgery, it is important to avoid any activity that can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

Are there alternatives to surgery?

If symptoms are mild, aids used on the wrist at night usually help. Steroid injections near the carpal tunnel can reduce numbness or pain in most people.

What should I do before doing carpal tunnel surgery Singapore?

Carpal tunnel surgery is routinely carried out in one day procedure. This means that you perform the procedure and return home on the same day, and usually performed under local anaesthesia. This anaesthesia will prevent pain in your wrists and palms, and you will stay awake during the procedure.

You can help yourself by preparing questions about risks, benefits, and alternative procedures. This will make you more informed before giving permission to the doctor to perform the operation, which is usually marked by the signing of a permit.

During carpal tunnel operation Singapore

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Singapore can usually be done under local anaesthesia and takes 20 minutes. Your surgeon will cut a little of your palm. Then it will cut the tight ligament (called the flexor retinaculum) which forms the carpal tunnel roof. This will free the nerves from pressure.

After carpal tunnel operation Singapore

You should be able to go home the same day. Keep your hands up and let them be bandaged for two days. It is important to gently train your fingers, elbows and shoulders to prevent stiffness.

Regular exercise should help you to restore normal activity as soon as possible. Before starting the sport, ask your health nurse or doctor for advice and advice. Your symptoms may continue to improve within 6 months.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery is covered by most insurance and maybe claimable under medisave or private Hospitalisation Plan. Call us at 66532628 or SMS us at 84998384 for an appointment today.

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