• Difference Headache and Brain Tumor Headache

    Difference Headache and Brain Tumor Headache

    Headaches caused by brain tumors and tension-type headaches are often mistaken for the same headaches. In fact, although the symptoms caused by these two headaches was initially almost similar, of course they are different. If a brain tumor headache is defined as an ordinary headache and is not treated immediately, your health condition may become

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  • Head Lump Specialist Clinic

    Head Lump Specialist Clinic

    The appearance of a lump on the body, such as a lump on the head often triggers concern. According to our head lump specialist clinic, Dr Mathew Tung (Neurosurgeon), a lump in the head is one location that needs attention. What are the possible causes? There are various causes for the appearance of a lump

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  • Tingling In Head: Causes of Head Tingling

    Tingling In Head: Causes of Head Tingling

    Tingling usually occurs in the legs or hands, until in any part of the body including the head. Well, if the head is tingling, it can be a sign of certain diseases. Call 66532628 or SMS 84998384 for an appointment today with our Head Specialist, Dr Mathew Tung.  Tingling can occur in any part of

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  • Pain in the Back of the Head

    Pain in the Back of the Head

    Almost everyone has experienced headaches. Complaints that are felt can be very diverse because of the different conditions of each person. The back headache is one that is often complained of. What is the cause of the pain in the back of the head? Pain the back of the head also known as tension headache.

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  • Frequent Migraine Attack

    Frequent Migraine Attack

    Having frequent migraine attack is not good. Frequent migraine attack may be a sign of serious health issue. Migraine is one term that describes where our heads feel headache and dizziness, but the pain and dizziness is only felt on the side of the head only. Migraine usually occurs because of the influence of autonomic

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  • Constant Headache Everyday

    Constant Headache Everyday

    Everyone must have felt a headache. Yes, a headache is a common symptom that can occur due to various conditions, such as when you are not drinking or eating, these symptoms will attack immediately. But what if the headache is felt every day? Have you ever felt constant headache everyday? Is it normal to feel

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  • How To Treat Migraine Headache In Children

    How To Treat Migraine Headache In Children

    Headache is not just an adult problem. Migraine is the most common acute and recurrent headache pattern experienced by children. In early childhood and before puberty, migraines are more common in boys. In adolescence, migraines affect girls more. As adults, women are three times more likely to suffer from migraine than adult males. You may

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