In today’s world, most parents are tend to be busy in their work than those old days. Parents have no time to take care of their children and normally those children are taken care by nanny, maid or grandparents.

In order for the kids to grow healthy and perfectly, the extra supervision is really important since born. Any disorder of the kids may result from those negligence supervision.

The most common disorder is the kids foot disorder.

Causes Kids Foot Disorder

And the most common causes kids foot disorder is due to genetic reason.

But causes kids foot disorder is not always and only due to genetic reason. It includes:

  • Sleeping position. Let toddler used to sleeping on his stomach. If prolonged, the habit may cause the rotation and shape of the limb .
  • Sitting position. Let toddlers used to sitting with your feet form the letter W, can also affect the shape of the foot .
  • Holding the way / Carrying baby . Habit of carrying a sideways manner, and let the child’s legs wrapped around in the body to form a 90 -degree angle , a wrong way , and could result in a child’s feet form the letter O.
  • Use Pampers ( Disposable Diapers ). Use pampers continuously when the child learns to walk would make it difficult finding a stable foot position , so it will affect his form , later .
  • Baby Walker. Using baby walker is not really advisable. It will be even worst if the use of baby walkers are not timely and did not fit its size, can lead to muscle imbalances (muscle imbalance).

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