Causes Of Back Pain?! Back pain is pain occurs in the lower lumbar region and can also spread to the legs, especially the outer side and rear. Cause severe pain that patients experience difficulty in every movement (awkwardly) and the patient should rest and hospitalized.

This turns back pain ranks second most common disease after headache. Based on data from patients treated at the clinic of Neurology showed that the number of patients over the age of 40 years who present with low back pain turns out is quite a lot. In the United States more than 80% of residents had complained of low back pain, and in our own country is estimated to number more.

Back pain is really just a symptom / symptoms, then the most important thing is to look for the causes in order to be given the right treatment.

Causes Of Back Pain

Causes of Back Pain

Early onset of pain is due to pressure on the nervous edge of the waist (pinched nerve occurs). This can occur due to interference with the nerves themselves, disturbances in muscle and surrounding tissue, spinal abnormalities and abnormalities in other parts, eg infection or kidney stones, and others.

Muscle tension that causes a major cause of back pain. This can occur because the movement of the waist is too sudden. Suppose that while exercise without us knowing we were moving too sudden and overwhelming at times chasing or hitting the ball (tennis, golf, badminton, etc). Similarly, if we lift heavy objects somewhat in the wrong way, for example, move a chair, lifting suitcases, table, pushing a car, even when we are very excited to raise children or grandchildren will be going back ache. Calcification of the spine can cause pinching of the nerves in question and can lead to low back pain were great too.

Leave an unhealthy lifestyle that now you do like too much sitting or not moving, eating foods high in fat, uric acid, etc. can lead to calcification of the spine, smoke or air pollution then always use the mask if you have bad air pollution, not can manage stress.

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