Sciatica can be severe and debilitating pain. There are several causes of sciatica pain:

Causes Of Sciatica

1. Piriformis Syndrome

The piriformis muscle is a muscle pyramidal flat. This is partially located within the posterior wall of the pelvis and partly at the back of the hip-joint. Several times causing an imbalance in the piriformis muscle pinches the sciatic nerve that runs through the buttock to the knee, lower leg and foot.

Pinch cause referral of pain in the area where the sciatic nerve passes through. Patients feel a deep pain and shooting and called sciatica.

The pain becomes worse when the person is sitting, climbing stairs or trying to squat.

2. Herniated Disc

The bones in the spinal cord are separated by discs, which consists of soft bone substance. Disk, which is soft and flexible in young people, become hard with advancing years. When the spinal cord is compressed due to tension or pressure upon it, the disc also came under pressure and pushed out of the ring protector. A disk that pushed out is called a herniated disc.

Disks can also get a hernia due to accident or muscle imbalances resulting from uneven pressure. Herniated disc sciatic nerve pressure is close to it, which in turn causes Sciatica.

3. Spinal Stenosis

The spine protects the spinal cord of the injured. But when the spine is narrow, the resultant condition called Spinal Stenosis. Narrow down occurs in one or more of the three parts of the spine: the center of the spine, where nerves branch out from the spinal cord and the space between the spine bones.

Spinal stenosis can also be caused by

Herniation of the discs of the spine. This can affect, wooden chest and neck area

Tumors in the spine are pinched sciatic nerve roots

Arthritis or osteoarthritis.

When the sciatic nerves are injured as a result of spinal stenosis, sciatica causes in the buttocks and thighs.

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