STIFF NECK Muscle? The neck does not just support the head, but also helps in movement. But if the neck was stiff and sore it can inhibit the activity and discomfort. Neck region is a combination of head and body that is rich in muscles, ligaments and tendons that are responsible for support and movement of the neck. Certain conditions can make stiff neck muscles, causing aches and pains. Sometimes people who experience neck stiffness also complain of headaches, it is because the muscles between the head, neck and arms linked.

Stiff Neck

Some things are known to be the cause of a stiff neck muscles so there is pain, pain and other inconveniences:

  1. Poor posture while sitting or wrong position during sleep can cause tense muscles become stiff and misplaced that trigger pain and pain
  2. Overuse of these muscles in moving
  3. Stress and depression, if a person is under stress it will be a tense muscles that trigger pain, pain and other discomfort
  4. Injury or trauma from a fall, accident or sports activities
  5. Muscle spasms that occur when nerves send messages to the muscles to cause contraction. The occurrence of muscle spasms can cause a stiff neck and sore.
  6. Pinched nerve, the condition is probably due to arthritis, narrowing of the spinal canal or the hernia on a disc. Pinched nerve can cause a stiff neck that sometimes can spread to the arms or legs.
  7. Carrying a heavy load door on one shoulder, a one-sided burden of head and neck tends to resist this load in the opposite direction, causing excessive contraction triggering stiff and sore.
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