Cervical Syndrome – Disc Bulging

Once upon a time, when you  get up early and  you  felt incredible pain in the neck terrific and will increase when moving your neck, especially rotational motion / peek left / right could either direction or one direction only. People say you “Lau Cen (In Chinese)” because sleeping in wrong position to one of the pillows.

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Limited range of movement to the neck in such condition is also known as wry neck. Symptoms include stiffness and sore to the neck.

This incident can happen to anyone indiscriminately. What actually happens is that when you fall asleep is in the neck position is settled with no change until the morning you wake up. One side of the muscle group in a position of relaxation while the other retracts position. When all of a sudden you wake up, this muscle [shortened] directly working hard with excessive sudden contraction causing excessive movement from the initial position [in certain cases even the tendon of origin of sternocleido mastoid muscle injury involved].

These reactions result in the movement of the neck vertebrae corpus sudden yag resulting high pressure on one side of the disc that drives the disc moves out of its original position towards the rear or posterior longitudinal ligament obligue urged that this ligament flex and compress the spinal nerves or nerve roots and cause pain and you feel. This event is not to damage the ligaments and discs lasted only a moment, and immediately return to its original position. However, the pain still you would feel in a few days or even weeks.

Treatments wise include oral muscle relaxant medication, injections for faster relief, and physiotherapy to relax the muscle.

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