About Child Obesity

Glimpse of a fat kid looks adorable, but who would have thought excess body weight can cause children to be less healthy. Obesity is a disorder characterized by the accumulation of excess body fat tissue. This contrasts with overweight defined as overweight due to accumulation of fat tissue or non-fat, for example, on a bodybuilder athlete excess body weight due to muscle enlargement.

Obese people potentially suffering from various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus, etc.. Obesity can already occur in infancy and 15% obesity in infants, 25% occurred at the age of five and 80% occur in adolescence can persist into adulthood. According SUSENAS Indonesia increased prevalence of obesity in both urban and rural areas. In 1989 found 4.6% prevalence of obesity in men and 5.9% in women, whereas in 1992 increased to 6.3% in men and 8% in women.

If a child has complaints of obesity, it is necessary to explore what causes it. Whether from diet or genetics. In addition, the impact of obesity on children also need to be evaluated early. Some things to keep in mind that the increase in excess weight in children can result in the workload of the heart, liver dysfunction, orthopedic problems, skin disorders, increased incidence of sleep apnea to the psychological problems.Cardiovascular risk factors can occur in children with a history of family members.

Obstructive sleep apnea is common in obesity (1/100 obese children), symptoms ranging from snoring to bed-wetting. The cause is a thickening of the fatty tissue in the pharyngeal region is exacerbated by adenotonsiler hypertrophy. Obtruksi intermittent airway at night can cause children to sleep soundly and tend to be nervous and sleepy the next day.

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About Child Obesity

Child Obesity Causes Hip & Knee Pain

In addition, obesity in children is also likely to cause orthopedic disorders, namely tergelicirnya femoral head epiphysis resulting in hip and knee pain, limitation of motion of the hip and Blount disease. Obesity also results in skin health, especially in the folds of the skin are more frequently cause rashes, fungal infections due to moisture. Psychological basis can also interfere with the child in interaction with their peers, the emergence of a sense of inferiority and aloofness.

In dealing with this problem there are several ways that can be done. In principle is the reduction of energy intake and increase energy output.

  1. Conventional therapy, there are several ways to do that: the diet, increasing physical activity, changing lifestyle and most importantly the family’s role and participation of people around in the therapeutic process.
  2. Intensive therapy, this therapy is applied to children and adolescents who disetai comorbidities and no response to conventional therapy. This therapy consists of a very low calorie diet (very low calorie diet), pharmacotherapy and surgical therapy.

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