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Neck pain can occur in anyone, including children. Especially if your child tends to be active and often exercise, sometimes neck pain cannot be avoided. In addition to habits, what are the causes of neck pain in children and is there a safe way to overcome them?

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Children Neck Pain Specialist

What causes Neck Pain in Children?

Children neck pain is generally caused by tension in the neck muscles. The pain caused can vary, depending on the cause and the severity of the injury experienced by the child.

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1. Wrong sitting position

Neck pain in children is most often caused by a wrong sitting position for a long time. For example when playing computer or cellphone, reading books, and watching TV. If all this activity is done while sitting bent or even on his stomach, this can increase the risk of neck pain in children.

2. Position while sleeping

Seeing children asleep may be the most beautiful sight for parents. However, have you ever noticed a child’s sleeping position, correct or not, huh?

If your child suddenly complains of pain in his neck when he wakes up, this could be because the child’s sleeping position is incorrect. Whether it’s too bent because the pillow is too short or bent because the pillow is too high.

This wrong sleeping position can cause muscle tension to trigger pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Your child may feel pain when looking sideways or looking down at it.

3. Sports injuries

Naturally, if a child often falls while playing or exercising. Yes, this is because your child may be actively active and wants to explore many things.

But be careful, falling or a hard impact on the head can cause a sprain or strain on the child’s neck. Children Neck Sprain and children neck strain. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your child while playing, sports, or any activity outside. If children neck injury tends to get worse and doesn’t heal, immediately take your child to the children neck injury specialist clinic. Call us at 64762106 for an immediate appointment.

4. Swollen lymph nodes

Apart from bad habits, neck pain in children can also be caused by swollen lymph nodes. In fact, this naturally occurs as the body’s response to infections such as colds, flu, or sore throat.

Although it is useful for fighting infections that enter the body, swollen lymph nodes can also cause pain on one or both sides of the neck. However, children will usually complain of pain under the ears and jaw.

5. Meningitis

Not all cases of neck pain in children can be underestimated. If your child has a fever and can’t move his neck with pain, this can be a sign of meningitis.

In addition to neck pain, symptoms of meningitis in children are also accompanied by headaches, rashes, and decreased appetite. If your child has a high fever that does not go down and is followed by sudden neck pain, immediately consult children neck pain specialist clinic.

Children Neck Pain Specialist Clinic Treatment

Children neck pain should be treated as soon as possible. Because if it continues to be left, the child can experience chronic neck pain and can even carry on until he is an adult.

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