Clubfoot is a disease or congenital deformity of the foot whose cause is unknown.

Clubfoot Specialist Clinic

Clubfoot Causes

Causes of clubfoot are genetic disorders that cause stiffness of the muscles and tendons in the legs so that the tendons become short and pull the legs inward.

Clubfoot Symptoms

Clubfoot causes the legs to rotate so badly that they look like they are upside down. In addition, other symptoms are calf muscles that feel weaker, the instep of the leg bent down, and usually the clubfoot leg is shorter than the other leg.

Clubfoot Diagnosis

Diagnosis of clubfoot needs to be done a physical examination to confirm, then accompanied by radiological examinations such as x-rays to establish the diagnosis.

Clubfoot Treatment

Clubfoot treatment is using cast. The best time or golden period for using a cast in this method is the first 1-2 weeks after birth, which is done by an orthopedic specialist. The best treatment at this time is non-operative management in stages with the Ponseti method. Reposition and recast your baby’s foot once a week for several months

Clubfoot Prevention

Prevention of clubfoot is difficult to do because genetic factors are so dominant that usually early detection and active parental roles are needed because clubfoot can be accompanied by congenital defects elsewhere. If detected early, treatment can be done during the golden period (1-2 weeks after birth), with the hope that the recovery rate is more optimal.

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