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Cluster headache is a very excruciating headache everyday for weeks or months at a time.

This rare headache affects at least 1 in 1,000 people. According to experts, usually someone who suffers from cluster headaches is under 30 years of age. Then, what causes cluster headaches?

Before knowing the cause, these excruciating headaches can go away completely for months. However, they will be ready to come again without warning the next time. According to experts, cluster headaches are headaches that occur repeatedly in a certain cycle or pattern.

Headaches that generally occur at night, often wake up the sufferer with severe pain around one eye. According to experts, this cluster headache can occur every week to every month. This cycle is followed by a period of pain relief or relief when the head has stopped. Well, this period, known as the remission period, can last from several months to years.

If cluster headaches come, this excruciating pain can last 15-180 minutes. You need to know, this intense pain can last for six to 12 weeks.

Cluster Headache Specialist Clinic

Cluster Headache Causes

Custer headache causes is related to head injuries that have occurred. In addition, disorders of the genetic component are also suspected of being the culprit of cluster headaches.

Other causes cluster headache include: stress, allergic rhinitis (inflammation or irritation that occurs in mucous membrane inside the nose), hot weather, sexual activity, extreme temperature, use of nitroglycerin, Relaxation.

Apart from the above, there are also other factors that can increase the risk of cluster headaches. For example, being male. In fact, men do experience this disease more than women.

In addition, smoking and alcohol consumption can also increase the risk of cluster headaches. According to experts, most people with this headache are smokers. However, quitting smoking does not guarantee a lower risk.

Family history also can trigger cluster headache. According to the expert, a person will be at risk of experiencing cluster headache, if a family member has cluster headaches.

Cluster Headache Specialist Clinic Treatments

Treatments for cluster headaches include injections, medications, and oxygen therapy.

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