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Coccydynia can make you feel uncomfortable. Even the pain can spread to other parts such as hips, thighs, or to the rectum. If you have this, you can be difficult to sit, exercise, and even sleep disturbed. Let’s find out more about coccyx pain!

Coccydynia Specialist Clinic

What is Coccydynia?

The condition of the coccyx in medical pain is usually called coccydynia. Coccydynia or coccyx pain is a condition when the coccyx is inflamed due to a stimulus, and as a result this inflammation causes very disturbing pain. Most people who experience coccydynia experience blunt pain (such as pressure) and muscle spasms.

In addition, this pain can also occur when someone defecates, and also during sex. For women, the coccyx due to coccydynia can cause extreme discomfort during menstruation.

Why does my tailbone hurt?

Various health problems from mild to serious can cause a painful tailbone.

This pain may arise from trivial things like sitting on a hard bench for too long or bumping into something.

The other most common causes of coccyx pain are:

  • Trauma during childbirth. The coccyx in this case is injured or even broken during childbirth.
  • Compression or pressure during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the greater the trimester, the greater the pressure on the sitting bones. This makes the tailbone can experience pain more easily.
  • Levator syndrome. This is a condition that causes muscle spasms in the anal muscles. This pain will also spread to the coccyx.
  • Problems with the spine. For example, spinal cord injury, spinal surgery, this can also cause pain in the tailbone.
  • Overweight, whether it’s overweight or obese. This can increase the pressure on your tailbone area.
  • Infection or tumor.

Coccydynia Specialist Clinic Treatments

There are various ways that can help overcome your coccyx pain including medications, injection and physiotherapy. Medication include anti-inflammatory and pain relieve medication. Injection include steroid drugs or nerve blocks injection.

Supportive pillows.. Pillows for alleviating coccydynia may include U- or V-shaped pillows, or wedge-shaped pillows with a cutout or hole where the tailbone is. Any type of pillow or sitting arrangement that keeps pressure off the coccyx is ideal and largely a matter of personal preference. 

The most effective treatment for coccydynia or tail bone pain is ganglion impar injection.

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