Common Basketball Injuries

While basketball is not usually considered to be like any other physical sports, such as football and hockey, the sport did not create a lot of wear and tear on the players. Therefore, the player runs the risk of falling victim to several common basketball-related injuries. A few injuries that occur much more frequently than others.

1. Achilles Tendon Injury

The first of a typical basketball injury is strained or tore an Achilles tendon. Achilles tendon is a tendon that connects the muscles located in the back of the calf of the leg to heal the bone. As the number of fast turning and running, the Achilles tendon can be easily affected. In most situations, only a strained tendon, which can cause some discomfort. In a situation of deciding over, Achilles can be torn. With strain or even tear the light, Achilles heal with rest for a few days. For more significant tear, the player may have to undergo a surgical procedure that can keep them engaged for 6 months or more.

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Achilles Tendon Injury

2. Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are another typical basketball injury. Due to the amount of running and jumping in the sport, and because of the pure mass of many professional players, the other knee injuries for a significant but typical basketball player. Various significant knee injury in seriousness. An example of a less serious knee injury is a sprained knee, which occurs when there is a small tear in the ligaments around the knee. To heal these injuries, the players have to rest and immobilize their knee for a short time.

More severe knee injury will be completely torn ligaments in the knee greater. Ligament tears most commonly occur when players tear their anterior cruciate ligament. These injuries often occur suddenly and will give players a sharp pain like their knees are no longer held in place. After this injury, some players can play immediately as long as they wear a protective knee brace. In more serious situations, the player will have to undergo major knee surgery, which could keep them for more than a year.

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Knee Injuries

3. Writs Injury

The third is a typical basketball injury wrist injury.

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Wrist Injury: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

4. Ankle Injury

Like the knee, ankle also vulnerable to injury because of running and spinning that goes along with the sport. The most common form of an ankle injury sprained ankle. It is a relatively simple injury to repair. All players have to do after an ankle sprain is kept off of the ankle for a few days and did not play basketball at full intensity for about a week.

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Ankle Injury

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