Looking for ELBOW Tendonitis treatment? Most of the pain in the bones and muscles will also include pain in the bone s and muscles on the elbow. Due to strong, repeated and prolonged movements. Movement at the elbow performed by two groups of muscles that work against each other, namely the flexor muscles are attached to the side of the elbow (medial) to bend the forearm at the elbow joint and muscle group extensor attached to the outer part of the elbow (lateral) to align forearm at the elbow joint.

Elbow Tendonitis Treatment


To prevent muscle flexor and extensor rubbing at the working muscles (contraction), the elbow joint has a structure called a bursa and muscle fibres are attached to bones by tendons.

There are 2 types of elbow pain which includes pain in the elbow as the spreading pain from the neck or shoulder bone and the pain that comes from the elbow itself.

Symptoms of elbow pain includes aching pains, swollen, redness, the trauma or injury and local colour change should also be noted. The existence of the hard or tender areas around the elbow which under normal circumstances is not hard (induration) should also be sought, which can be caused by abnormalities of the tendon.

Common Causes of Elbow Pain

Problems elbow pain caused by abnormalities of the elbow joint and surrounding structures are often caused by disease called Tennis elbow (elbow pain is often experienced tennis player and golfer’s elbow (elbow pain commonly experienced golfer), bursitis (inflammation of the bursa) and tendinitis (inflammation of the tendon) were found in the elbow.

Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

Tennis players can suffer from golfer’s elbow and golfer could otherwise suffer tennis elbow. Distinction of these two terms is simply a name given to a pain in the elbow that feels the elbow of the lateral / outer side (tennis elbow) and pain in the elbow that feels on the medial elbow / hand in (golfer’s elbow).

Patients with tennis elbow went to see the doctor with pain in the lateral elbow, both of which had just experienced and have experienced for some time. Pain in the elbow felt normal at the time of moving the hand or wrist joints when developing your fingers as well as his fists tightly.

Tennis elbow in tennis players are often found to be those who are just learning to play tennis. Their mistakes so that experiencing pain in the elbow is due to hit the ball in backhand (blow with his elbow leading to the net) so that the extensor muscles to work beyond its ability to conduct a successful backhand.

Likewise, players who are just learning golf golf golfer’s elbow suffered when he was too fast on the bend of the wrist joint hands to hit a ball with his body angled toward the side.

At the time the clothes washing and squeezing, the extensor muscle group worked hard in a long time resulting in pain in the elbow at the lateral side.

Depending on which muscle groups are used more often, then Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow will occur. Those who work on furniture, paint and clean up the garden men who had rarely done easily get tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow.

Usually people who have tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow are those aged 40-55 years, while at the age of 60 years and over (elderly) and under 40 years old are rare.

Most of patients with tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow complain of pain in the elbow, and in general, people can show themselves to the location of the pain of others, even people can know that the region which is slightly swollen elbow.

In tennis elbow, elbow pain can occur when when the patient moves his hand on the back of his hand is on the top (dorsiflexion) against the strength committed by others against his hand, while golfer’s elbow sufferers feel pain in the elbow when the patient back the hand that faces down (pronation) against the strength committed by others against his forearm.

Also, it can be felt numb-numb to the forearm from elbow pain.

In bursitis that occurs in the elbow joint, there is pain in the elbow and the elbow can be touched with a swollen bursa filled with fluid, which can be caused by gout, rheumatoid arthritis and trauma.

In tendinitis, the patient felt pain in the elbow crease in the side (medial), may also be feeling stiff or uncomfortable in the elbow creases that occur when the forearm at the elbow joint aligned.

Elbow Tendonitis Treatment

If the patient doesn’t have any trauma X-ray examination is not required. Patients should receive medicines to cure or alleviate suffering. Other than that, the patient was told to stop all activities such as washing, wringing clothes, drying clothes, painting, working on furniture, garden cleaning, mopping, play tennis, golf and so on until the patient is cured.

Installation of elastic bandage (Elbow Brace) on the elbow sufferers feel more comfortable because it can reduce the pain in the elbow. In addition, the need to exercise gradually by bending and straightening the forearm at the elbow joint, moving the forearm and hand to reverse the hands so that the face up (supine) and instead make the palms facing down (pronated) without the burden needs to be done to prevent attachment structures around the joint, because if it had happened so then healing is certainly more difficult and it is necessary to consult with us as soon as possible.

Although the pain in the elbow joint can be cured in a short time but some patient may take up to a year to cure his/her elbow pain. This causes the patient to become impatient and drive around looking for a powerful healer, but the wrong choice or purchase drugs without a prescription is advertised to cure the illness, which ultimately led to the patient being victims of a reckless healer.

For that, as the slogan which states the right man is in the right place. Then people should need to find the right remedy and look for the right doctor who is knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with many of these elbow pain problems.

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