SPORTS INJURIES should have been avoided? Sports is supposed to make the body become healthy and fit, but sometimes a person likes to ignore the little things that can lead to injury. These four most common mistakes made ​​during exercise. Injury experienced by a person can make it stop exercising and take a long time to heal.

Common Positions That Trigger Sports Injuries

Here are some common mistakes people make that trigger in sports injuries:

One position when squatting

Some people sometimes complain of knee pain after exercise, though this is mostly due to wrong postures while squatting. If the axis of the knee is in front of the foot, it can lead to pain. We recommend that you keep your knees stay behind the ankle.

Running too fast

If you were running down the hill, reflexively someone will run fast. This condition makes people dependent on the hamstrings to quadriceps fight, if weak he could not tolerate when turning or instability that triggers the risk of pain in the knee, ankle and knee ligament injury in the ACL.

Back pain due to any standing

If someone had not previously active, then lifting weights can be weighed discs in the spine. Standing with staggered position, which naturally someone will extend back to the position of the hips forward, so that your back is in a natural position.

Not warming up

Most people have a full energy so as to directly exercise or sports and skip foreplay. This condition can lead to the injury because the muscles and joints are stiff.

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