Common Tennis Injuries

Three kinds of injuries that are common in tennis players are muscle cramps, pulled muscles, and tennis elbow. Brief explanation of common tennis injuries are as follows:

Common Tennis Injuries

Common Tennis Injuries

Muscle Cramps

Muscle Cramps are a pain because of the sustained contraction of the muscle fiber. These events can take several minutes or continuously for several hours. Cramp usually occurs during intense exercise, although it can also occur during sleep.

The most common cause of cramp is due to low or lack of minerals, one or several types, especially potassium and salt. Some experts recommend eating more fruits and vegetables to replace potassium lost during exercise.

If Muscle Cramps occurs, can be alleviated by aligning the muscles, the stretching (stretching) slowly. Kramp example if the calf or thigh can be relieved by straightening the legs and pull your toes.

Pulled Muscles

Muscle injury is a tear interested / acute tear in the muscle fiber, with its characteristics occur suddenly, local and sore muscles got settled in pressure. Attraction of the muscles that cause injury caused when used more tense than the ability of the muscle to hold it.

Some factors contributing to pulled muscles are less warming up, lack of flexibility, overtraining, muscle ketidakseimbanan capabilities, mineral deficiency, abnormality of structure, poor training methods, physical trauma.

In case of pulled muscles, there is no treatment or medical ways that can be done to heal faster. Treatment should be given is the RICE program (as described in previous posts).

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is one injury due to excessive use (overuse). Injury due to overuse in general is because the use of too much and too quickly perform the actual training goes beyond his ability. Tennis players who have a high risk of experiencing tennis elbow is having a bad physical condition.

Some of the factors that cause tennis elbow is too heavy racket, the ball is too heavy, too tense racquet strings, grips oversized racquet, the appearance is not good, too much or too fast (not slow down first).

There are two kinds of tennis elbow, the backhand tennis elbow (tennis elbow classic) and forehand tennis elbow. The former is more often experienced by ordinary tennis player, that is not a professional tennis player or not an athlete (athlete) tennis.

In tennis elbow pain that had open at the elbow, but the tendon, muscle attachment of the muscle to the bone in the back of the arm; muscles is responsible for bending the hand and wrist.

If experiencing tennis elbow, no treatment is more effective than mengistirahatkannya pretty part. This does not mean a total stop of tennis activities, should not stop asala can avoid the cause. If the pain appears after the play, the best treatment is to ice for 10-15 minutes. At the time of not playing healing can be forwarded by way of heating and cooling, each for 10 minutes.

There are suggested ways to prevent tennis elbow, namely: (1) improving technique, and (2) increase muscle strength, especially before the injury.

Exercise the power arm that can be done is to use dumbbells, performed with palms up and down. Perform each ten times.

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