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Concussion is a brain injury caused by an external impact, such as if your head has been hit by a physical object or with someone else’s head. Concussion can cause confusion and loss of consciousness. This condition can also cause memory loss (amnesia) of events that occur before or after the collision.

Concussion is a subtle form of brain injury because it does not damage the skull and can heal quickly.

Concussion Specialist Clinic

How common is a concussion?

Concussion is an accident that can happen to anyone. However, those who are most prone to having a concussion are athletes. Especially athletes who do contact sports activities with high risk of collisions such as soccer, baseball, basketball, boxing, or construction workers who do not use safety equipment. You can reduce the chance of getting this disorder by reducing risk factors.

Concussion Symptoms

Concussion symptoms include Unconsciously for a while, Short term memory loss, Dizzy, Headache, Confused, Unable to control the body or disturbed balance, Nausea and vomiting, Cannot concentrate.

Concussions Causes?

Head trauma and concussion in the skull can suddenly cause damage or interference with the brain. In many cases, the causes of a concussion are: Traffic accident ,Work accident, Sports accident, A fall that causes the head to hit the object / hard surface.

What increases my risk for concussion? Some of the factors that can affect concussions are:

Some of the factors that can affect concussions are:

Have experienced a concussion before.

Operate an engine or ride a motorcycle unsafe (being drunk or without safety equipment).

Doing sports with a high risk of injury such as soccer, boxing, and others. The risk can be higher if you do not use safety devices and are not monitored by experts. The absence of risk does not mean you are free from the possibility of exposure to disturbances.

Concussion Specialist Clinic Treatments

Some treatment options for concussions are:

When brain injury occurs, the patient must rest and be monitored very carefully at home.

If the patient’s symptoms do not improve or get worse, the patient may experience bleeding in the brain and swelling has occurred, so it needs to be immediately taken to the hospital to be treated and treated.

What are the usual tests for concussions?

The doctor will diagnose a concussion by conducting a test on nerve details.

The doctor will ask patients to check their symptoms such as loss of consciousness, amnesia, or daze after injury.

Our concussion specialist will ask you to do CT scan on your head or do Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to see the bleeding in the brain and see any disturbance in brain structure.

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