De Quervain Syndrome? In this modern era, many people are so dependent on the sophistication of technology devices (gadgets). Life seemed incomplete if the fingers do not dance on a cell phone, iPad, or computer. But be careful, your fingers are forced to work beyond this ability can injure tendons.

When one can’t move the thumb and bend inward, one may thought it was sprain of his thumb. When the thumb can not be moved, one will definitely want to find out what happened. Some may go to internet to source for more information. Some people may see the doctor immediately to make sure the condition. The doctor can be quickly diagnosed the problem of thumb lies on the high usage on the cell phone.

De Quervain Syndrome

This condition is known as De Quervain Syndorme because the thumb being the most active parts of the body and work beyond it’s ability. Thumb could be used when typing, communicating texting, surfing the internet, to play games and etc.

Doctor will then advised the patient of this condition to rest for two weeks. In the early stages of healing, he was treated with anti-inflammtory injection into the tendon to reduce the inflammation. Sometimes, the brace may be used to reduce the movement of the wrist.

De Quervain Syndrome Causes

Gadget is advised to use at a reasonable level. Using too much of this gadget may cause health hazard.

De Quervain’s syndrome triggered by repetitive motion, overuse, and unusual fabrics like squeezing your thumb and game play. In addition, De Quervain’s syndrome can also occur spontaneously in mid-age women and pregnant women. The worst effects of the disease, the patient can not move the base of the thumb joint.

De Quervain’s syndrome can be recognized by the patient’s complaint of pain, especially when the thumb passive adduction of the wrist and thumb. On physical examination will be found tenderness in the wrist area. The thumb may also have nodules (lumps).

A medical examination conducted by the Finkelstein test, ie folding the thumb toward the palm of the hand, pressured by the other four fingers and the whole hand bent in the direction of the little finger (ulnar). Patients with this syndrome have trouble moving the thumb inwards.

Your doctor will usually give steroid injections and wrist splint in the early stages. In more severe cases surgery is needed to release the wrapping tendon.

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