Washing machine broke down in the middle of washing process, then you have to continue wash all the laundry manually. When you were trying to squeeze the laundry to dry, suddenly you lose control of your hand with a tremendous pain in the wrist over the thumb area and forced to abandon the laundry. Yesterday was fine with all the daily activities but not today. Is this a classic condition of de quervain syndrome? Read more below.

De Quervain Syndrome

What is actually happened?

A sudden wrist sprain or De Quervain syndrome? De Quervain syndrome is the inflammation trigger by the lesion on the tendon and tendon sheath is in charge of moving of thumb towards the extension / outwards. This is commonly happen with repetitive movement of the wrist, including writing / drawing in a long time, knitting.

Actually tendon synovium protected the thin layer of substance that is so slippery that allows the tendon to slide easily through tendon-sheath. Lesions that result in swelling of the tendon adjacent to the nerve will cause pressure on the nerves that cause wrist pain at the base of the thumb or numbness of the thumb.

Try your hand-held two thumbs tightly  in the same position and then bend your wrists together toward the little finger. On the wrist injury / lesions may be intensely painful and even when before the move.

When you experience the above mentioned symptoms, you may be suffering from De Quervain Syndrome?

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