Headaches caused by brain tumors and tension-type headaches are often mistaken for the same headaches. In fact, although the symptoms caused by these two headaches was initially almost similar, of course they are different. If a brain tumor headache is defined as an ordinary headache and is not treated immediately, your health condition may become worse. Then how to distinguish the two types of headaches?

Difference Between a Bad Headache and a Brain Tumor

When you experience headaches, you should be suspicious. Especially if the headache does not go away even though it has been given medicine. Because the headache might be a headache due to a brain tumor.

This headache is a little like a tension type headache. The feeling caused like pain when a new head hit by hard objects. The difference between the two is that tense headaches are still relatively mild and do not turn out to be getting heavier.

Meanwhile, brain headache tumors are slightly different. Initially, your head may only feel mild pain. However, this headache is chronic progressive. This means that the headaches that you feel from a brain tumor will get worse over time.

If tension type headaches can stop or disappear after you take the medicine, headaches due to brain tumors will not disappear completely and will continue to appear with increasing intensity. Even if you have used medicine to ease it.

With each appearance, the pain will last longer and heavier. Moreover, in the morning when you wake up can even make you wake up during sleep at night. The intensity of this headache will also increase.

Headaches due to tumors are often considered ordinary headaches

Basically, headaches due to brain tumors are the initial symptoms that occur when there are tumors in the head. This pain must be felt, especially if the tumor size has enlarged and pressed against brain tissue. Instead, this pain is a marker that the condition of the tumor has begun to worry.

As mentioned earlier, headaches due to brain tumors will indeed be more painful in the morning. However, this pain can also get worse when you push, cough, and sneeze.

However, apparently this headache is often regarded as an ordinary headache. Thus, this headache is only treated with the use of drugs.

In fact, drugs used to treat ordinary headaches can indeed be used to relieve headaches due to brain tumors. But the headache will reappear until the tumor is removed.

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