I dislocated my shoulder two years ago but it still feels loose and a bit sore when I play basketball, why hasn’t it healed?

Dislocated shoulder basketballIt is likely that the Labrum was torn and this usually does not heal on its own. To confirm the diagnosis, one need to undergo for MRI scan of the shoulder to find out if there is a Bankart Lesion. The minimal invasive treatment for Bankart Lesion is Arthroscopic surgery (also known as keyhole surgery) to repair the Bankart. The younger age group of patient is more likely to require the surgery to prevent it from re-dislocate again in the future. After the surgery, one needs to prevent strenuous upper limb activities for a period of 6-8 weeks until the labrum is completely healed.

Can I play basketball after shoulder dislocation?

Athletes with a first-time shoulder dislocation can typically return to the game within six weeks after the injury, but younger athletes may need more time to recover to prevent a recurrence. If your dislocation requires surgery, you may need up to six months to recover

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