NECK PAIN is a very common condition that preventing people from pursuing the active lifestyle that people have always dreamed of. Sharp pain in the neck is a very unpleasant experience.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be related to the following factors including using the neck to hold the head for about 16 hours a day, seven days a week and the pain is not felt only while it is lying asleep. During 16 hours of this, your neck feels stiff when working, bent when watching television, reading, working out, even when talking on the phone. So do not be surprised if your neck is shouting for help!

Almost everyone has experience with pain or stiffness in the neck. Neck pain is the most common case (besides cough and cold) at clinics of general practitioners and ranks second as a cause of a person to take time off from work.

Fortunately, most neck pain is not a dangerous condition. Acute sprains of the neck muscles – acute marine neck is 50-60 percent of the causes of pain in the neck. But this can be cured using simple treatments such as analgesia, rest and physical therapy.

However, some soreness is the pain more serious than others. This condition can be life threatening or cause great inconvenience and creates more pain such as headaches, shoulder weakness, dizziness and low back pain. Such conditions require immediate care and stabilization.

Life-threatening condition of Neck Pain

This condition requires immediate care and stabilization:

1. Cervical disc condition, this includes disc bulge compression on the nerve that causes critical stenosis of the spinal canal, resulting in weakness and then paralysis of limbs

2. Cracks in the cervical spine that causes imbalance and possible paralysis.

3. Infections of the organs around the neck

4. Spontaneous aneurysm of the vertebral artery or carotid It occurs when blood vessels in the neck spontaneously dilate.

5. Arthropati and osteoarthritis, pain arising from facet joint damage.

If we divide the categories of neck pain, pain can arise either locally or come from other areas. Causes of local pain in the neck can be caused by:

  • Neck nerve – nerve compression or irritation
  • Ligamental and muscle injury – sprain or whiplash.
  • The segment of the cervical spine – inflammation of small joints (facet)
  • Framework bone – cracked
  • Infections

Even when the cause of neck pain is benign, it can be very crippling. Therefore, we should not underestimate the pain of the neck muscles due to a twist of local muscle that can spread to the shoulders, arms and even fingers. Sometimes it feels like chest pain or a stabbing pain in the shoulder. If the pain is unbearable, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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