The most common fracture in children is elbow fracture in children. Elbow region in children have areas of bone growth (physeal plate), so it is an area that is weak and prone to fracture in the event of an accident or a fall. Mainly if a fall happened with the hands outstretched or accident causing direct impact on the elbow.

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Data that is mentioned, 10% of fractures in children aged 5-8 years, occurred at the elbow. More on boys with a bone fracture on the left side or hand non dominant. Generally in the supracondylar area, but can also occur in the lateral or medial condylar region, head radius, or proximal ulna.

Indeed, the children have the ability naturally repair the fault position (remodeling). In fact, fractures were only slight shifts will improve by itself. However, the fault with the position of the rotation will not experience remodeling, requiring repositioning actions.

For new cases with a slight shift to do repositioning closed under general anaesthesia and installation of gypsum. After 3 weeks, then x-ray will be required to monitor the healing process of the bone. If no new bone growth, the cast may be removed and began motion exercises (physiotherapy) which is necessary to reduce joint stiffness. As for the fault shifted away, required surgical repair and installation of the pen position (wire) is closed (percutaneous) or open (open reduction).

The problem is, when the diagnosis is made late, much less has been done traditional fracture treatment, then surgery would be difficult and complex. Doctors had to unload new bone (calus), which has grown and overcome stiffness of joints that already occurred. This can lead to complications such as malunion: elbows bent (deformed), nonunion: bone does not connect, the nerve and blood vessel damage, stunted growth, or ossification of muscles (myositis ossificans).

That’s why, when the child fell and complained of pain and visible swelling in the elbow, immediately take the child to the doctor as a first priority. If necessary, complete with radiological examinations. Because early diagnosis with appropriate medical treatment, can be able to prevent the occurrence of complications and the things that are not desirable.

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