GOUT? Lately a lot of cases with complaints of muscle aches, pains in the joints, swelling in the joints experienced by the people especially in men. This condition is often associated with the presence of high levels of uric acid in the blood.



Inflammation of the joints caused by the buildup of uric acid often causes excruciating pain. This pain usually occurs in the big toe. But pain can also occur in the ankle, knee and hand. Attacks of gout can occur within days or months. The man and a group of obese people are at high risk of gout.

Uric acid occurs because the kidneys are not able to regulate the levels of acid in the body that cause aches and pains in the joints. Uric acid is considered severe if it occurred in the area of joint swelling. Swelling is usually accompanied by irritation that the body flushed.

High uric acid levels in the blood (hyperuricemia) is a condition in which the levels of uric acid in the blood exceeds the normal threshold of more than 7 mg% in men and 6 mg% in women. Uric acid itself is a normal substance in the body and is the end result of the metabolism of purines, which result from the degradation of the nucleotide which is an important ingredient in the body as a component of nucleic acids and energy production in the cell nucleus.

Naturally, there purines in our body and is found in all foods of a living cell, the food of plants (vegetables, fruits, nuts) or animal (meat, offal, sardines). So is the metabolism of uric acid in the body, the levels should not be excessive. Everyone has uric acid in the body, because in any normal metabolism of uric acid produced. While the trigger is food and other compounds that contain lots of purines. In fact, 85 percent of the body’s supply of purine compounds for every day needs. This means that the needs of purine diet is only about 15 percent.

Unfortunately, this fact is not yet widely known by the public. As a result, many people like to generalize all the food. People ate anything they want, regardless of content in it. Food sources of animal products usually contain very tinggi.Produk purine foods contain high purine is not good for certain people, who have talent impaired uric acid. If you eat these foods without calculation, the amount of purines in the body can bypass the normal threshold. (Oci / day)

Symptoms and Precepts of Gout

  • Swelling, Redness Around Joints. Complaints arising in patients with gout is usually swelling, redness around the joints and severe pain. This is a result of the accumulation of monosodium urate crystals in the joints that can damage bone tissue around the joints causing inflammation in the area.
  • Symptoms usually people sleep without any symptoms, at reveille great pain and unable to walk, swollen, warm, red and accompanied by fever, chills and feel tired.
  • Areas that are affected are the big toe, and may spread to the ankle, knee, elbow marked lumps or clustered round the size of a small to large, and hard consistency.
  • Gout attacks are usually sudden, sometimes heal themselves and then come back after a few days to weeks, sometimes for days the pain did not subside.

Prevention of Gout Attack

In fact, the pain caused by gout can be prevented by adjusting the diet.

Some foods that trigger the onset of complaints is to eat foods high in purines. As jerohan, alcohol, dove, duck, peanuts and chips. Besides external factors such as the impact on the joints pain, physical fatigue, stress and the use of certain drugs can also be a trigger.

Sudden decrease uric acid levels can cause a sudden attack. Therefore if you develop symptoms with a history as above immediately contact your doctor to resolve the interference complaint before any heavier.

Other disorders that arise due to high blood uric acid levels are uric acid stones in the kidney and renal dysfunction.

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