Did you know that falling in a sitting position can be very dangerous? Falling in a sitting position can cause injury to the coccyx connected to the nerves in the spine.

Even though it is the smallest bone in the body, the coccyx can cause tremendous pain. Can also experience serious health problems in the event of an injury during a fall.

The coccyx is located at the lower end of the spine. These bone segments are usually well protected. However, if there is a wound or trauma during a fall, the tail bone can be bruised or dislocated bone.

Injuries to the coccyx can cause serious problems because there are nerves and muscles attached to the tailbone, such as nerves that surround the entire spine, pelvic floor muscles, intestinal area, and thighs and upper legs.

Some of the dangers of having a tailbone injury include:

  • The head feels very painful It hurts either in a sitting position or afterwards
  • Feels sick when moving from sitting to standing
  • The entire body, especially the pelvis and waist feels painful
  • The coccyx is painful and does not subside for a long time 
  • cramps during menstruation
  • Chronic digestive problems, especially constipation
  • It hurts during sex
  • Depression and insomnia

In addition to falling in a sitting position, tailbone injuries can also occur due to the following conditions:

  • A punch directly in the spine
  • Wrong sitting position
  • Injured or broken tailbone during childbirth
  • Tumour or infection of the coccyx
  • Strained or repetitive friction such as movement when rowing and cycling.

Some health problems can occur right after a coccyx injury, while others appear in the following month or year.

Coccyx injury is more common in women because the shape of the female pelvis makes the tailbone more open.

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