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The bones in your fingers are called phalanges. Each finger has three phalanges, except the thumb, which has only two phalanges.

Here are some categories that can classify finger fractures, Avulsion Fracture, Fracture Impaction, Shear Fracture, Open Fracture, Close Fracture, Displaced Fracture, Non Displaced Fracture, Comminuted Fracture.

Finger Fracture Specialist Clinic

Finger Fracture Causes

The finger has the highest injury risk compared to all parts of the hand. You can hurt your fingers when working using tools, such as a hammer or saw. Your finger can break when a fast moving object hits your hand, like a baseball.

The mechanism of injury and bone strength determine whether finger fractures can occur or not. People with weak bones, such as the elderly or those who lack calcium, suffering from conditions such as osteoporosis and malnutrition increase your chances of experiencing finger fractures.

In addition, people who work with their hands, such as athletes and laborers, also have an increased risk of finger fractures.

Finger Fracture Symptoms

According to our Finger Fracture Specialist Clinic, finger fracture symptoms include finger pain, finger swelling, finger tenderness, and finger limited range of motion.

Your finger might also look deformed or uneven (deformity). A broken finger may be very painful, especially when you try to move it. But sometimes the pain can still be tolerated. The absence of severe pain does not mean that broken bones do not require immediate medical attention.

Finger Fracture Diagnosis

Our Finger Fracture Specialist Clinic diagnose finger fracture by taking your medical history and doing a physical examination. Finger X-ray examination will usually show clearly, if there is a finger fracture.

Finger Fracture Treatments

At Finger Fracture Specialist Clinic, our specialist will treat finger fracture depends on the location of the fracture and the level of stability of the broken bone. Stable fractures can be treated by repositioning. Unstable fractures require immobilization. Immobilization can be done by installing a cast.

If it is a displaced fracture, surgery maybe recommended. Surgery will stabilize the fracture and helps in the recovery.

Finger Fracture Surgery

Our Finger Fracture Surggeon can determine the best treatment for complicated fractures. The use of pins, screws and wires is useful in surgical procedures for dealing with broken fingers.

Early diagnosis, adequate treatment, and rehabilitation of broken fingers can help restore the function and strength of the hand and prevent finger defects.

Recovery time for broken fingers can be obtained in a relatively short time. Several weeks to a year, depending on the type of fracture and its severity.

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