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What is Finger Sprain?

According to our finger sprain specialist clinic, finger sprains are injuries that cause the finger ligaments to stretch or tear. Ligaments are tissues that connect one bone to another. The finger and thumb can sprain when flexing in an unusual direction, often when falling with the back of your hand.

finger sprain specialist clinic

How common are sprained fingers?

Finger sprains can occur in everyone. However, this condition usually occurs in people who often do soccer, basketball, handball, and sports related to rackets such as badminton or tennis.

What are the signs and symptoms of sprained fingers?

Symptoms of sprained fingers include:

  • Extraordinary pain in the finger
  • Swollen finger sprain
  • Pain
  • Difficult to move finger movements
  • Feels or sounds a crackling sound inside the finger
  • There may be some symptoms and signs that are not mentioned. If you have questions about the signs, please consult our finger sprain specialist clinic.

What causes finger sprains?

At finger sprain specialist clinic, in many cases, finger sprains can be caused by accidents or injuries during sports. Protective equipment that is less flexible, unsuitable, or insufficiently safe is the most common cause of sprains during exercise.

What increases the risk of finger sprains?

Some factors that can increase the risk of your finger sprains are:

  • Lack of exercise makes your body weaker and easier to sprain.
  • Fatigue weakens the muscles to support the joints. When tired, the muscles stretch so much that you don’t have the ability to improve the work of the joint. This makes you risk having a sprain. Improper heating.
  • Improper warm up before exercising will hold back and reduce joint movement. This makes the body more vulnerable to injury because the ligaments of the bones and joints are torn.
  • Environmental conditions. Non-slippery or uneven surfaces make you more vulnerable to injury.
  • Incorrect use of tools and equipment. Low-quality shoes or sports equipment can cause sprains.

Finger Sprain Treatment Clinic

What are my treatment options for finger sprains?

The main goal of treatment for sprains reduces pain, swelling, and helps people get back to exercise or move safely as soon as possible. Treatment includes rest, compress, and therapy.

Following are the treatment steps for sprained fingers:

  • Don’t get a massage.
  • Rest the injured finger. Movement can increase pain. Consult further about when you can use your finger again to exercise or move. The doctor can also attach a splint to your finger to make sure your finger doesn’t move during the healing process.
  • Compress your finger with ice for 15-20 minutes at least four times a day or until the swelling and pain disappear.
  • Take painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs. Make sure you read the instructions before consuming them.
  • In cases of severe sprains such as severe ligament tears or dislocations with fractures, the doctor may recommend that you do the surgery.
  • Finger splint for finger sprain
  • Physical therapy for finger sprain can help the joints move better. Sports such as squeezing the ball and fingers can help you stretch your fingers stronger during healing. Consult with finger sprain specialist clinic about the right time to start physical therapy for finger sprain.

How to diagnose finger sprains?

Finger sprain specialist clinic may do a physical examination of your finger with the naked eye. In addition, to strengthen the diagnosis, your doctor can do an X-ray or MRI of your finger.

If you have symptoms of finger sprain, immediately consult with your finger sprain specialist clinic for an effective treatment. Everyone’s condition is different. Always discuss with your doctor for further instructions, diagnosis methods, and the best treatment for your finger sprain. Call 64762106 or SMS 84998384 for finger sprain specialist clinic.

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